While thousands of players are having an amazing adventure on Temporis III, Krosmoz Tournaments Arena is offering you another activity, one they specialize in – a huge PvP tournament!

PvP is traditionally showcased in August in DOFUS! After years of Goultarminator and the DOFUS World Series, KTA has taken up the torch and is offering you their greatest tournament yet: Inglorium!

A Competitive Format

All the ingredients are there to make Inglorium an amazing competition!

As always with KTA, the matches will be played on a tournament server where all the classes will be available at level 200 with all level-160 and higher equipment (as well as the Dreggon Helmet) plus a permanent bonus of +1 AP/MP/Range.

The tournament will take place in two phases: a first qualifying stage in 9 Swiss-style rounds, then a final tournament bracket in which face-offs will be played in 2 winning matches (Bo3)!

The challenge will be considerable because the top four teams will compete for €1,000!

All matches in the tournament will be played after a preliminary draft phase to determine the composition of teams A and B. As a reminder, the draft phase goes as follows:

  • A bans a class
  • B bans a class
  • A picks a class
  • B picks a class
  • B bans a class
  • A bans a class
  • B bans a class
  • A bans a class
  • B picks a class
  • A picks a class
  • A bans a class
  • B bans a class
  • A picks a class
  • B picks a class

Once a class has been banned, neither of the two teams can pick it or ban it again. Once a class has been chosen by one of the two teams, the other can no longer ban or pick it.

Open to All!

There are no prerequisites to take part in Inglorium! Whatever your level, server or class, the only requirements are to have an account on the KTA website and find a team!

This guide tells you how to register, and you can find teammates on the association's Discord.


Don't waste any time! The tournament is about to start!

Registration is already open and will end this Sunday at 11:59 p.m. CEST. You can register on the tournament page, where you will also find the complete regulations.

The tournament will take place from August 13 through September 1, on the following dates:

Qualifying Matches:

  • Tuesday, August 13: 2 rounds
  • Thursday, August 15: 2 rounds
  • Sunday, August 18: 3 rounds
  • Tuesday, August 20: 2 rounds
  • Final Phases
  • Thursday, August 22: Rounds of 64 and 32
  • Sunday, August 25: Round of 16
  • Tuesday, August 27: Quarter Finals
  • Thursday, August 29: Semi-Finals
  • Sunday, September 1: Finals

The matches will be held in the evening. There will be 30 minutes between the end of the draft (which lasts approximately 10 minutes) and the start of the match.


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Watch the Tournaments Live

We want to make it possible for people who want to cover the KTA tournaments by broadcasting the matches to do so. If you like PvP, have a Twitch and/or YouTube channel, and have already broadcast PvP content, then you meet all the requirements!
Leave a comment below this post to gain access to the tournament server; simply mention the name of your channel and a link to it.

KTV is the official KTA stream, run by the association team. There, you can follow the overall progress of the tournament, starting with the opening evening on Wednesday, July 17!