The king of the jungle is back and swinging to your rescue! He still has plenty of surprises up his sleeve for you – and especially for your opponents – with his famous hammer known throughout the World of Twelve. What could be better to finish off your opponents in style? You and your Moon pack, of course!

Stories, tales and legends about the armed monkey and his prodigious hammer abound. Walk in the footsteps of this primate and finish off your opponents beautifully with the Moon Fatal Blow!

It'll be up to you to write your version of the story and enforce the law of the jungle with the help of the Moon pack, which contains:

  • a Magic Cloud ceremonial petsmount*
  • the Moon fatal blow*
  • the Primate ceremonial set*
  • the Moon haven bag theme**
  • 6,000 OG
  • 15 subscription days

Moon Haven Bag Theme
Moon Haven Bag Theme - Example

Even better, the Moon pack is 40% off, at just €25.50 (instead of €42.99).
Don't miss this offer, valid until September 25 (at 11:59 p.m. CEST)! It's not every day that the great Moon comes to your aid…

* These items will be linked to your account for 6 months.
** This item will be permanently linked to your account.