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Bontarians and Brakmarians may be divided as ever, but the 5 Temporis III servers are joining forces!

The third edition of Temporis has been in full swing the last few days. As this article is being written, you're probably reliving your first steps in the World of Twelve, getting all verklempt. Caught up in the emotion of it all, you may even find yourself humming a Jon Lemon tune…
But we digress! Next Tuesday, August 13, the 5 Temporis III servers are going to merge into one unique server.

The current player population isn't as balanced as it was upon the Temporis III opening and we wish to restore a balance between the Bonta and Brakmar nations.  
As a result, we won't be enabling a character transfer system (for the simple reason that there will be only one server).

That's about it. You may now go about your business!