As sad as the naturalist Enutrofs are to see another Summer coming to an end, it’s likely to inspire them and all holidaymakers to make the most of the remaining August days. Now is the time to seize the moment and go all out. Live your best Summer, and make sure to send us a postcard via Stagecoach!

The beaches are still crowded, and a little piwi told us that many adventures have been taking refuge in colder climates for some well-deserved R&R during the season. There are also those that take advantage of the peace and quiet to strategize and plan their next battle against the toughest and scariest monsters… to each their own holiday, right?
Some citizens of the World of Twelve are already returning home before Autumn arrives and their attempts to avoid traffic backfired: there is a lot of commotion on the Cania roads, the queues to enter the cities are long, Scarplanes are working overtime, and the drills are overloaded enough to make Sorim Ait lose his composure.
Traffic getting into Bonta...

Good thing you aren’t one of those poor souls stuck under the Summer sun! Can you imagine, basking in that unique sweaty Gobball stench that dissipates from the cart in front of you, unable to find solace in the breeze because you are stuck in line, next to a bunch of Bworks who are allergic to soap?

Just get to it already!

Alright alright! So! While the weather is favourable, and before the time comes for us all to put away our beach towels, make sure you have your last Summer hurrah; something so badass that it will make you want to write home about! If you have completed your Summer bucket list already, that is OK too! Tell the tale!
  • Summer holidays spent fishing? Tell somebody about your biggest catch!
  • Read 5 books back to back? Which was your favourite? Even if your guildmates might not be interested, Aisling in Astrub Library would love to know to hear from you.
  • Made a new friend? What mischief did you get into together?
  • Preparing for an end-of-Summer-back-to-back-dungeon-world-tour? Tell us more!

Your options are endless! You can send your unique and personalized postcard to whomever you want! Just make sure it has all the necessary stamps and the correct address: while the Astrub Stagecoach is the best postal delivery service in the world of Twelve, Fiuna lost her glasses and Nash is overdue a checkup to replace his goggles! D:


For this contest, you will need to download and use the empty template below and create your very own postcard, which entails:
  • creating a back image for the postcard ("Postcard image here")
  • creating a stamp 
  • Writing a message to somebody of your choice (a friend, a whole guild/alliance, an NPC, a boss monster, you decide!)
  • Write the name and address of the recipient in such a way that it would be very easy for the Astrub Stagecoach employees to find them.


For your entry to be valid, your post needs to include:
  • A complete postcard (template with postcard image, stamp, text, recipient information - name and address).
  • Your main character's name.
  • Your server.

Important: Prizes will be distributed on the accounts the winning entries were submitted from so double check before submitting!


Three postcards will be selected by a jury, and the prizes will be the following:
  • First place
    • Floral Set
    • Haven bag theme of choice (except for the Moon theme)
    • Shushield *
  • Second and Third place
    • Haven bag theme of choice (except for the Moon theme)
    • Shushield *
Floral Set
* the Shushield is a ceremonial item that was first given at the Ankama stand during the Japan Expo in Paris. 



  • This contest is open to Echo, Ilyzaelle, and Temporis players belonging to the International community. 
  • Entries can be submitted until Friday, September 13th  at 11:59 p.m. CEST.
  • Submit your entry by replying to this thread and sharing the direct URL of your postcard. ("How to" tutorial)
  • Only one postcard per participant. 
  • The postcard's back image can be digital art made by the participant, a screen capture of the game, or a montage; it must remain relevant to the context of the postcard message. 
  • The postcard text must be written in English and be readable for everyone's enjoyment. 
  • Your participation must comply with the Forum Rules of Conduct.
  • Entries that are edited will be disqualified – if you wish to resubmit an entry, please edit and replace your previous entry with ‘DELETED’ and submit a new post.
  • The winners will be selected by a jury comprised of Ankama employees. Humour, creativity and originality are key!
  • If one of the 4 elements of the postcard (image, stamp, text, recipient info) is missing, the entry will be disqualified. 
  • The winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 17th.


Contest to make your own postcard (downloading and using the empty template provided) telling somebody in-game about your amazing Summer. Prizes are pretty cool.
You really should read the rules and instructions though.