Last week we unveiled our plans for DOFUS Retro and held a survey to choose the name of the new server. Find out which name won and more information about the DOFUS Retro version!

We've reserved a welcome gift for you if you come and play on Nabur! Yes, that is the name you chose for the new DOFUS Retro server. And if you're planning on playing DOFUS Retro, swing by this page* to claim your gift: a Gobtubby and its Hippi-Ho.

For the occasion, we're also going to add 10 packs consisting of a pet and its Hippi-Ho to the boutique.  At your request, the boutique will be available from the server's first day with products that can be bought using ogrines. However, the KE will not be available on the DOFUS Retro servers.

Many of you have requested artificial star generation. We won't be able to do it, alas. But since the server will be open in-house for our testing needs, that will create natural star growth that we are not going to delete.

Finally, if you're already playing on Eratz or Henual, you will need to verify how many characters you have because, as a reminder, the number of characters available on all DOFUS Retro servers is limited to 5 in all, even if you've bought character slots on DOFUS 2.x.

See you on Nabur starting on September 24!

*EDIT > Only until Sunday, September 22, at 23:59 (CEST) !