They talk about him as if he were a legend or a ghost. Does he really exist? Or does he exist only in your dreams? What's certain, though, is that this dream-inspired draconic ceremonial pet is also colorable. Spruce him up however you like so he can be with you in your worst nightmares!

Until now, he's only been spotted during the most furious nocturnal storms the World of Twelve has ever seen. Witnesses claim to have seen him dancing with lightning, like a Dauge rolling in the grass. But does he ever come out on other occasions? We might never know since this dragon is an expert at camouflage. He can change colors at will, and if you manage to tame him, he might let you do the same.

Others say that he was born from a dragon's dream – a dream that took form in real life…

Come meet Kirino, the dreamy ceremonial pet, in the DOFUS Boutique from now until Wednesday, October 16 (at 11:59 p.m. CEST)!

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