Celebrate the Me Hearty Party with fanfare! Get on board now for the Piwate Event, an in-game treasure hunt giving you the chance to win over thirty prizes, available from tomorrow.


During the course of a boozy conversation in a Moon tavern, Krikor Sair tells you his piwate adventures.

« Once, I was a piwate, and when I was finally caught, it got me ten years of hard labor. While spending my days in the slammer, I realized something: Piwacy is illegal, but you don't fear being prosecuted once you get back the stolen loot you kept hidden away for yourself… hic… hic… hic… And you see, I collected enough riches so I'd never lack anything ever again. So if you feel like being a treasure hunter yourself, I'll happily give you one of my cards.

Make no mistake… hic… hic… hic… Piwacy's never over! »

A daily quest giving you access to a treasure map each day: That's what the most famous of piwates promises! The Piwate Event runs from tomorrow (September 19 at 00:01 CEST) until Wednesday, October 2 (at 23:59 CEST), giving you the chance to unearth over thirty prizes!

Go to The Treasure Chest at [-25,-36] and have a word with Krikor Sair. Once a day, you'll find a treasure map corresponding to your level in the treasure chest; the level groups are as follows

  • levels 50 to 99
  • levels 100 to 149
  • levels 150 to 199
  • levels 200

The prizes:

Depending on the quest's difficulty, you could win Piwate Transformation Potions, ceremonial set items or even complete sets, the rarest of which will be in your color! It's your chance to get subscription renewal sets you might have missed in recent years

Springy Set

Charlie's Agents Set

Black Quaquack Set

Royal Guard Set

Lol-ita Set

Seaside Set

Bramble Set

Watchdog Set

Magma Set

Zombite Set

Divine set

Crypt Set

Pirate Transformation Potion



Coulive Set

Woolly Set