You know the secret to a great Dungeon Rusher, right? A good dungeon, a good boss and a good shield! Well, guess what? This time, it's LeChouque who's perfected the recipe… Ripate style!

The ghost captain is a champion at keeping cheeky challengers in check, but he was never known for being charming. Not even when he was alive… That's probably why, after causing all kinds of trouble for others, the captain of the Dark Hurl fell victim to a curse of his own that plunged him and his crew into a world of horror and desolation.

You're probably wondering what terrifying turn this bewitchment ended up taking. Oddly enough it seems it was a game of voodoo darts! Interesting…

So how did Mama Vaudou do it? Did she respect Sadida traditions and use a doll? Or did she find LeChouque's lost right hand? Did she put it at the center of a target to shoot poisoned darts at it? Did she recite strange incantations at the same time? Was she alone, or did she invite some Kanniball friends along for an evening of fun with the whole neighborhood? We may never know for sure…

In fact, if you ask her directly, she'll tell you she had nothing to do with it at all! She'll claim it was the Moon that turned them into ghosts. Seriously now, Mama! We weren't born yesterday, you know…

From Friday, September 27 at 4:01 p.m. to Monday, September 30th at 8:59 a.m. (Paris time), hop on board LeChouque's Boat. If you manage to give the ghostly Ripate a proper walloping during that time, you'll get your in-game shield directly from the boss*.

To be clear, you'll have to beat LeChouque "at home"… in other words, in his own dungeon! Beating him in the arena doesn't count!

May the Black Magic be with you!

*Only one shield per character; the shield will be linked to your account.