Wouldn't it be great to whip those class packs into shape? Maybe yank their chains a bit? Show 'em your fangs? Well, you're in luck: from now through October 23, Osamodas has got his paws on them! We can almost hear you licking your chops already!

We know you like your class packs to have some real teeth. So it only made sense to focus on the class that's most in touch with its animal side!

But no matter how big a fan you may be, you probably don't know all the expressions that disciples of the beast god use in their day-to-day conversations. That's why for today's trick… uh, today's lesson… we'll be teaching you a few typical Osamodas expressions:

  • Summon's been eating my porridge: a famous line from an Osamodas fairy-tale, which is also used to complain whenever a summons misbehaves itself.
  • To have other Snappers to fry: to have other things to do.
  • To gawk like a Gudgeon: describes being sick or tired.
  • As meek as a Tofu: a very ironic expression, since trained Tofus are known as merciless, bloodthirsty fighters.
  • To rain Bow Meows and Bow Wows: used to describe bad weather. The expression "cry Bow Meows and Bow Wows" is also used to make fun of crybabies.
  • To cry Boowolf: to raise the alarm when there's nothing to be alarmed about.
  • I'm so hungry I could eat a Boowolf: to be famished.
  • Like a Moskito without wings: destitute, dispossessed of one's properties.
  • To have an Itsh you can't scratch: said of an Osamodas who's obsessed with some big, scary issue but has no way to resolve it.
  • Mushdy-eyed: said of someone who gets emotional.
  • The early bird catches the Wyrmling: mainly used to encourage sleepy Osamodas kids to get out of bed.

Of course, these expressions won't do you any good unless you look like a real Osamodas too! And there are only so many ways to manage that… exactly four, as it turns out!

From Thursday, October 17, to Wednesday, October 23 at 11:59 p.m. Paris time, come grab the Osamodas pack of your choice in the shop:

The Osamodas set is also sold separately for € 8 or 8,000 ogrines.

Each harness can also be purchased separately for € 7 or 7,000 ogrines.

Just remember: a Leopardo never changes its spots!