Have you filled up on nostalgia with DOFUS Retro? Now it's time to get back to reality! Well… Reality… Not quite! For DOFUS's 15th anniversary, a rather special event is waiting for you in this totally dreamy update…

Fifteen years already… Have they flown by for you too? DOFUS has changed a lot since you took your first steps as an adventurer in the World of Twelve. You think you know every corner of the Krosmoz like the back of your hand, right? The Shustuft Crust, Ingloriom, the Astral Plane… And yet! It seems Ankama's vast universe still has a few surprises in reserve…

Blanquette, good old King Allister's favorite pet Gobbette is a year older too. To make sure the celebrations in her honor come off without a hitch, Twelvians will need to visit a mysterious parallel world, designed from top to bottom by Draconiros himself… There, they'll need to solve 15 riddles (which are a tad wacky, you'll quickly realize!).

This quest is for all players, regardless of level. It is organized into 3 thresholds: You'll need to validate the first to access the second, and so on. Each of these thresholds contains 4 to 5 individual or community missions. Some are repeatable, others are not. The more you do, the more "Ankama kamas" you'll obtain. This currency, specially designed for the occasion, will let you buy rewards at the "Merchant's shop" (located in Amakna Castle) or at the "Ankabar" (located on the other side of the mirror…). An Ankama haven bag and a brand new ornament are among the many rewards to be won!

Last but not least, the highlight of the show: Once all three thresholds have been crossed, one final mission awaits you. Fight Tot and Kam, two bosses, ready for battle!

You'll have from October 1 to October 29 to enjoy this event, which will start after maintenance and end with maintenance! So, get ready!
Now's not the time to rest on your laurels!