Since summer started, the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena Season 3 has filled your days with PVP thanks to three major tournaments. Now it's time for the KT Finals – the competition of champions!

Steinway Gate Dominated the Season

Several teams set themselves apart this season, but Steinway Gate clearly showed itself to be the most solid. With a semi-final in the July Open followed by two ranking victories in Inglorium and the September Open, the team had a nearly perfect run! Asthou, Zephing, Natsudoku and Ultimatedz, who make up this team, now have only one goal in sight: confirm their domination in the KT Finals!

Among their biggest competitors, there's Band of the Hawk, the Season 2 champions. The team has maintained its very high level by earning a title at the start of the season in the July Open and a final in September! Steam-alb, Defuse, Handguns and Soitoi are now doubling down to keep their season title!

And they clearly aren't the only renowned teams present. We can also cite Poliakov (Ingloriom finalist and second in the overall rankings), Team Atlas (formerly Millenium, two semi-finals this season) and Omae (finalist in the last DWSs and Season 1 champion)… There won't be room for everyone at the top!

An Ultimate Tournament

There are therefore 16 teams who can lay claim to the title, but it won't be a walk in the park for any of them!

The KT Finals are broken down into two phases. First, teams will need to make it out of pools of four, with only two qualifying slots. Then, a direct-elimination tree starting in the quarter finals will separate out the most valiant by having them face off playing for two winning matches (BO3) until the semi-finals, then three winning matches (BO5) in the grand final!

There's no doubt that the participants will be extremely motivated to pull out all the stops because there's no less than €3,000 to win!

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