Crunch, smunch, crunch… Do you miss that sound of Pumpkwins "screaming" when you carve into their tender flesh? Did you not get enough of Al Howin? Never fear! We're giving you a chance to scare the crowds with a costume that's half-goddess, half-wicked (and half-goddess again in the back): the Nightmare set!

The story of this demigoddess is echoing throughout the World of Twelve… Eniripsa's daughter managed to stir up trouble almost everywhere she went. And Gein – a demigod as well – won't be the one to say otherwise…

That's what happens when you play around opening Pandora's Box!

Whether her desire to reunite Orichors was fueled by good intentions with the aim of preventing possible world destruction or by other less honorable aims, Dame Echo is still a figure in the World of Twelve who, as they say, "is cooler than Cwab pâté".

Do you, too, want to have the presence and charisma of a demigoddess while still terrifying the crowds? If so, get yourself the nightmare set, available now through Wednesday, November 13 (at 11:59 p.m. Paris time) in the boutique!