Never were the nights so black, the fear so deathly, the mysteries so… mysterious as they are during this season. Just for a moment, imagine what could be hidden inside: a Pumpkwin? A Chafer? No… The Al Howin Mystery Box has much worse in store for you!

Three new things are waiting for you in this box: the Kaspur and Eybahl (whose pupil color can be changed) pets and the Ominous Set (cape and headgear).

It traveled across the World of Twelve from remote lands, as if it were from a different age. The dust and Arachnee webs can attest to it. It braved the stormiest seas at full sail, crossed the hottest deserts on the back of Dragoturkeys (which, one after another, ended up dying of exhaustion). It was dragged through the cemeteries and forgotten in the dark damp caves for a while. But here it is in front of you, ready to fulfill its destiny.

But will you have the courage to make it your own?

The Al Howin Mystery Box is waiting for you in the store until November 6 (11:59 p.m. Paris time). After that, it will go back to the dark depths from where it came…