Two weeks after the launch of DOFUS Retro, it's time to take a look in the rear-view mirror and tell you about the origin of the project, but it's also the chance to get out our crystal ball and talk to you about the future!

We can't start this post without saying a big THANK YOU! You made this launch a success and we're infinitely grateful to you. This success is of great importance to us, as it goes beyond the mere feeling of satisfaction – you'll see this in the coming paragraphs – and we'd like to tell you that your passion has a lasting effect on the strategy and investment we'll be undertaking.

Some people will remember that when the 1.29 servers opened to the French community, Ankama's position was that these servers may well exist, but we weren't going to do any development on them. This was a valid position, but some of us weren't entirely satisfied.

That's why, in early 2019, we gave the 1.29 community a survey to assess which improvements would be welcome without changing the gaming experience. The idea was to improve in-game comfort without changing the authenticity of the experience or adding mechanics that would betray the spirit of the game.

After this survey, we integrated the improvements that met two criteria: approval of the community and ease of development. This is the version that we named DOFUS Retro.

Thanks to your passion and enthusiasm, we were able to demonstrate that this version had an audience and that you were ready to throw yourselves into this "old-school" game mode. More challenges and farming, not to mention slower progress? That wouldn't scare you! That's what encouraged us to keep putting a lot into this version – for at least the next few months.

Therefore, it's with great pleasure that we have two announcements that will – we hope – make you just as happy as us:

  • We're creating a working group that will continue to improve your gaming experience in the coming months, with the goal of improving things without betraying the authenticity of the game. There will be bug fixes, but features aimed at increasing comfort will also be implemented.

  • We're also talking with the creator of DOFUS Remastered, a project that aims to improve the visual aspect of the game while keeping its special charm, so as to integrate all or part of what it offers.

We would like to take this opportunity to clarify our position on third-party applications that modify the behavior or appearance of DOFUS. For your own protection, we do not support these initiatives. Using this type of application exposes you to security flaws (intentional or accidental) that make it possible to use your personal data (documents, contact details, friend list, social media, bank accounts, etc.) and can also create inequality between players (number of possible actions, action clarity, etc.). For your protection and to keep the game fair, we therefore have a policy of zero tolerance toward modifying the client or the behavior of the game.

However, we recognize the value of the project offered by DOFUS Remastered and so we wish to offer you these improvements in a legitimate and secure way by working with its creator.

You'll have to be a little patient to appreciate how DOFUS Retro is evolving, but we were eager to give you this good news, which was made possible by your enthusiasm! Once again, a big thank you, and… Happy 15th anniversary, DOFUS!