It's just your cup of tea: The DOFUS Cup 2019 is in the starting blocks! And it's no tempest in a teacup! (We hope you'll forgive us for this lead-in someday…)

After two seasons of tournaments organized by the KTA (Krosmoz Tournaments Arena) association, it's time for the DOFUS Cup 2019! The best 16 teams from each of these seasons – meaning a whopping 32 of them – have already prequalified for the final stages of this DOFUS Cup!


It's a tournament of teams, each made up of three players. It will take place in two stages:

- The qualification rounds where 512 teams will face each other in the Swiss rounds system (16 in all).

- 32 teams will be selected at the end of these rounds, who will face the other 32 prequalified teams from the KTA seasons in a classic knockout bracket phase. During these final stages, the matches will take place with a "draft" and in BO3.



Thursday, October 17: Registration opens.

Wednesday, October 23: Registration closes.

Qualification rounds:
Sunday, November 3
6 p.m. (Paris time): Round 1
8 p.m. (Paris time): Round 2

Tuesday, November 5
8 p.m. (Paris time): Round 3
10 p.m. (Paris time): Round 4

Thursday, November 7
8 p.m. (Paris time): Round 5
10 p.m. (Paris time): Round 6

Saturday, November 9
6 p.m. (Paris time): Round 7
8 p.m. (Paris time): Round 8
10 p.m. (Paris time): Round 9


Tuesday, November 12
8 p.m. (Paris time): Round 10
10 p.m. (Paris time): Round 11

Thursday, November 14
8 p.m. (Paris time): Round 12
10 p.m. (Paris time): Round 13

Sunday, November 17
6 p.m. (Paris time): Round 14
8 p.m. (Paris time): Round 15
10 p.m. (Paris time): Round 16


Final stages:
Saturday, November 23
7 p.m. (Paris time): 1st Round of 64

Sunday, November 24
7 p.m. (Paris time): 2nd Round of 64

Tuesday, November 26
7 p.m. (Paris time): Round of 32

Thursday, November 28
7 p.m. (Paris time): Round of 16

Sunday, December 1
7 p.m. (Paris time): Quarter-Finals

Tuesday, December 3
7 p.m. (Paris time): 1st Semi-Final

Wednesday, December 4
7 p.m. (Paris time): 2nd Semi-Final

Sunday, December 8
5 p.m. (Paris time): Final


It will consist of a portion of the revenue generated from selling items specially planned for the occasion.



Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel? Are you interested in this event? Then come stream it! To do so, you must specify the name of your channel and add the link to it in the comments.

The tournament will then be streamed up until the quarter-finals, after which the two semi-finals and the final will be streamed on the official Ankama Live Twitch channel for French speakers and on partner channels for speakers of other languages.

The full tournament rules will be provided when registration opens. In the meantime, tell everyone about it and, most of all, get training!

Do you think you're one of the best PvP players right now? Then come prove it by winning the DOFUS Cup!


Update : To give you more time to find companions for a team, DOFUS Cup registrations have been extended until Sunday 27/10 at 11h59 pm CEST!