Get ready for even more content, the unlocking of another step in the 15-year anniversary quest, a challenge, and a new series of quests that will arrive at the end of the month!

The Other Side of the Mirror

This event celebrating our 15th anniversary has been available for two weeks now, and the time has come to have a look at your progress.
The quest "The Other Side of the Mirror" is divided into four parts, each with a community objective.
We have listened to your impressions and feedback. We've already made several changes, for example, to goblins and Droopik, but we're aware that questions remain. Here are the answers to your most recurring questions:

About the "Perilous Simulations" Quest: "Why Is It Possible for Us to Run Into the Same Dungeon Several Times?"

This is a technical constraint. Overall, each Tiwabbit offers different dungeons, from level 10 to level 200. As you may have noticed, the objective depends on your level group. Unfortunately, randomness makes it indeed possible to run into the same dungeon several times in a row. To help you avoid this, it would be necessary to check what the current objective is and offer a new objective, depending on your level group, from all the dungeons available. Needless to say, the possibilities would be increased exponentially and this could lead to errors.

"In That Case, Why Can't We Choose the Dungeon We Want to Do Ourselves? The Dungeons Offered May Be Too Difficult for Us, Even If They Match Our Level Group."

When we designed this event, the goal was to offer an experience that would allow you to bring the community aspect back to the forefront. And if it wasn't obvious, you didn't disappoint us!! We also wanted to encourage the most timid of you, the "casual" players, to get out of your comfort zone by surfing this community wave so as to access more difficult content, taking advantage of more seasoned players' experience.
However, we do understand the difficulties certain players may encounter. That's why five dungeons that were initially excluded for being too easy have been added to the Tiwabbits' alternatives. Now, except for Ilyzaelle's Lookout, all 200 dungeons can be offered. The advantage, in addition to making this stage more accessible, is that by adding alternatives, the probability of coming across the same dungeon twice in a row is mathematically reduced.

"Why Aren't the Brackets Indexed to a Server's Population?"

The first reason is technical. There are 16 servers (including Ombre and Oto Mustam), so it would be necessary for each server to have its own version of the quest, which would be extremely costly to implement. The second reason is a little more subtle. A server that is considered to have a high population isn't necessarily made up of very active players. For example, let's take the servers Agride and Merkator. The first one is often considered to be populated, whereas certain players can sometimes be seen using glib moniker "Merkadead" to describe the second one. Nonetheless, according to our observations, Agride's progression is half as fast as Merkator's.
With these constraints in mind, we therefore chose identical brackets for all servers while planning to intervene in order to gradually unlock the various stages on servers that are lagging behind. These brackets should be seen more as a challenge we've set you that also allows the servers to compete with each other.

Let's Talk Numbers

We were pleasantly surprised to see that several servers had reached the third stage during the very first week! On October 9, while we were unlocking access to the second stage for (only) five servers, eight out of 11 others were already grappling with the third stage.
As of October 15, all servers have access to the third stage. Out of 16 servers, four needed our intervention to access it.
For the most curious and competitive among you, here is the ranking of all servers, as of October 16, 9 a.m. Paris time. It takes into account the progress of each bracket. In parentheses, you'll find the total number of dungeons completed as part of the "Perilous Simulations" quest:

  1. Ilyzaelle (2,393)
  2. Meriana (1,705)
  3. Ush (1,431)
  4. Pandore (1,262)
  5. Merkator (908)
  6. Nidas (809)
  7. Julith (707)
  8. Agride (657)
  9. Brumen (361)
  10. Furye (355)
  11. Rubilax (283)
  12. Atcham (103)
  13. Echo (61)
  14. Crocabulia (0)
  15. Ombre (0)
  16. Oto Mustam (0)

"Why Don't You Reduce the Level Brackets?"

The various brackets' values impact many parts of the quest. Changing these now is to take the risk that a bug will occur. We therefore prefer to intervene if necessary, as planned from the beginning.

"Will We Be Able to Buy the Rewards if the Community Brackets Aren't Filled?"

Yes, the prerequisites for gaining access to the rewards are individual. If your character completes the quest, they'll be able to get everything that can be found in the shop!

"So How Are We Going to Do the Slab Puzzle and the Final Fight?"

As you may have already gathered, you can try to solve the slab puzzle from Tuesday, October 22 onward (at the latest!). Once the puzzle is solved on a server, it will remain solved for everyone on that server.

"From October 22? But That's Too Far Away! I Only Play on Weekends!"

How about a challenge?
On October 16 at 9 a.m. Paris time, 11,035 Tiwabbit simulations had been competed across all servers! If between now and Friday, October 18 at 5 p.m. Paris time, you manage to exceed 15,000 across all servers, access to the fourth stage of the event will be unlocked early for all servers! That way, you can all use the weekend to solve the puzzle.

Reminder: As we told you, the "The Other Side of the Mirror" event will end on October 29…

Eliocalypse Now!

But the adventure doesn't end here, that's for sure! At the end of the year, we're introducing a new extension to the Eliocalypse and, as of the end of the month, you'll be able to play the prologue of this major event in the history of DOFUS.
A series of brand-new quests will be available, as well as events that will require courage and bravery to help a powerful ally…