The DOFUS Cup 2019 is fast approaching. Many people can already see themselves taking first place on the podium, kamas raining down all around them. And rightly so! To inflate the Cash Prize like a Gobbowl ball, three items have been put on sale in the shop. And that's right now!

The crowd's already going wild. But it's only the warm-up and there are still a few days to go before the start of the DOFUS Cup 2019! To keep the most impatient individuals occupied while fueling the Cash Prize for this long-awaited tournament, three items have been put on sale in the online DOFUS shop right now. Specifically:

You've got until Sunday, December 1, 2019 to get them.

Incidentally, we'd like to remind you that you have until tomorrow to register for the tournament!

So there's not a moment to lose – get to it!


Update : To give you more time to find companions for a team, DOFUS Cup registrations have been extended until Sunday 27/10 at 11h59 pm CEST!