The DOFUS music revision work begun by sir Guillaume Pladys himself a few months ago continues. And like every time we have news, we want to share it with you. Discover two songs featuring new arrangementsfor Frigost the Glacial!

Last time, we unveiled some original songs tinged with nostalgia, since they immersed you in an atmosphere worthy of 1.29 (nowadays, one could call it DOFUS RETRO).

Today, we treat you to an all new scenery, this time from 2.0.

We getting a little head start on autumn and are going straight to a winter atmosphere thanks to two new arrangements proudly paying tribute to Frigost. In the song "Adventure," crystalline sounds fall softly on delicate voices melting together. Later, the bells break the ice: nothing like it to warm the heart! Then beating drums, crashing cymbals, followed closely by soaring xylophones, if necessary, in the song "Combat."

Refreshing, isn't it?