Black Friday is back! Starting today, there are two offers in the DOFUS 2.0 and DOFUS Retro online store. The first: 50% off on every purchase paid in Ogrines (offer valid through December 1), except Mystery Boxes and subscriptions. And the second: 30% off on all services (offer only valid on November 29).  Also, enjoy 4 new packs created especially for the occasion!!

Although the Meridia of Novamaire 29, Eltux, governs the color blue, today we're celebrating the color black. That's right, the long-awaited Black Friday is here!

Starting today, you can take advantage of two separate offers in the DOFUS 2.0 and DOFUS Retro online store. Specifically:

  • 50% off on purchases paid for in Ogrines. This offer will be valid in the online store (excluding Mystery Boxes, services and subscriptions, of course) through December 1.
  • Also, 30% off all services. Please note that this offer is only valid on Friday, November 29, so mark your calendars!

Set pack

  • Esspeakewlair
  • Tuquoque (colourable) 
  • Shadragon

Sold for 12 000 OG, instead of 20 000 OG

Emotes pack

  • Shelter Under a Parasol
  • Crocabulia
  • Selfie

Sold for 10 800 OG instead of 18 000 OG

Harnesses pack:

  • Esspeakewlair Dragoturkey Harness
  • Esspeakewlair Rhineetle Harness
  • Crowturkey (Black Crow)

Sold for 15 600 OG instead of 26 000 OG

And one pack containing:

  • Rushu Fatal Blow
  • Observant Shushield
  • Kirino (colourable pet)

Sold for 11 400 OG instead of 19 000 OG


Don't miss out!