There's been a lot going on during this Al Howin season, huh? Pumpkwins to carve, candies to get a hold of, chit-chatting with Malice... so much to do, so little time. Did you do everything you wanted to? We are asking because this is the last week of the Al Howin festivities. The pumpkwins and spooky chills will last until next Tuesday, November 12th!

That's right: Malice, Al Howin and his little tofus and gobballs will still be around until next week's server maintenance. So get those quests sorted, challenge yourself with those achievements, and gather that candy before it's too late!

If you are wondering where to go, let us help you: you can find Malice at [-2,14]. The entrance to Al Howin's Vegetable Patch? Easy, it is at [-1,22]. Now if you don't want to talk to those two and fancy hunting some Al Howin tofus and gobballs, make your way to Ingalsses' Fields, the Gobball Corner, and Tainela.