You've been annihilating dungeons since your very first Dungeon Rusher. Boostache, Daggero, Skeunk, Merkator, Dantinea, Missiz Freezz, and Count Harebourg: you faced them all! But surely you must know that was all just a warm-up…

After the Dungeon Rusher World Tour last year, things are heating up again with its little brother, the Dungeon Rusher Week Tour!

The Dungeon Rusher Week Tour (or DRWT for short) is nothing less than a dungeon marathon across the World of Twelve. From November 21 through 26, you're gonna lose a few pounds on a world tour for the unsporty (perfect timing if you don't want to feel guilty stuffing your face with iced chestnuts and stuffed Dragoturkey on Kwismas Eve). Because you're gonna have to make every effort, that's for sure!

On the program for this event are six dungeons that will let you win six shields and an exclusive title.

Two of them will be unlocked on Thursday, November 21, at 8 p.m. Paris time:

  • Level 80: Wa Wobot
  • Level 100: Dragon Pig

Two more on Friday, November 22, at 8 p.m. Paris time:

  • Level 120: Skeunk
  • Level 140: Peki Peki

Then the last two on Saturday, November 23, at 8 p.m. Paris time:

  • Level 180: Korriander
  • Level 200: Queen of Thieves

Each dungeon will let you get a TP rune that leads straight to the next dungeon (in order of level).


The DRWT follows special rules. Here's your chance to learn them:

  • Unlike in classic Dungeon Rushers, the shield will be obtained through a quest reward. It will be automatically activated via the NPC who grants access to the dungeon. Since the shield is linked to a quest, it will only be obtainable once per character.
  • The quests will be unlocked automatically at 8 p.m. Paris time on the day specified, i.e. 7 p.m. UTC.
  • Once unlocked, all the quests will remain available until the event ends.


1: I already have some shields from previous Dungeon Rushers. What is there for me?

DRWT will give you all the shields (even the ones you've already got) and an extra reward for validating each stage. Actually, you'll be given an exclusive title if you fulfill each quest objective: Dungeon Runner

2: What do I need to do to activate the quest?

The quest will be started automatically by entering the dungeon. You'll see it appear in the list of active quests.


3: Can I do the quest multiple times?

No – each quest can only be done once. However, you can keep trying until you fulfill the quest objective.

4: Speaking of quests, do these ones count for achievements?


5: What is this rune I get from the boss? Why won't it work?

It's a magical rune (mentioned above) that can teleport you to the next stage, once it has been activated. So it's quite normal that you can't use it immediately if you're one of the first to do the quest.

Can you already picture yourself there? Dripping with sweat, your body bruised, exhausted, dirty and clammy, but proud – yes, PROUD to cross the finish line and brandish these six shields, symbols of your omnipotence!

So get ready!