Influenced by this past Black Friday, this year's Kwismas Pack is very generous! On the other hand, the happiness you'll feel when you discover its contents is dear to our heart...

Each year at Kwismas, there are plenty of domestic accidents in the World of Twelve. We've lost count of all the Twelvians who get hoarse or totally lose their voice from screaming with satisfaction and joy when they open their gifts. This can't go on any longer!

Opening presents has become a true sport and requires a proper warm-up. The Kwismas Pack is just a small warm-up to what awaits you on Christmas morning, and it's here for this very purpose.

This pack contains:

  • A 15-day subscription
  • 3,000 Ogrines
  • 1 New Life Bundle
  • 1 Kwismas Petsmount

When you purchase this pack you'll receive 10 Kwismas Pet Mystery Boxes and 3,000 Ogrines free!

Available in the shop December 24, 2019, through January 22, 2020 (11:59 p.m. CET - DOFUS time) for the price of €24.99.
Decidedly… But why are they so nice? JUST PACKAUSE!!!

Don't miss out!