As the final stages of the DOFUS Cup are in full swing, we've increased the cash prize to 10 000€!

The first semi-final was on last night, with OMAE winning two games against Los Reyes Del Mundo. If you missed the match, you could rewatch it on the AnkamaLive twitch channel!

The sale of the items dedicated to inflating the cash prize ended last Sunday. To make things even more exciting, we were more than happy to round up the amount and bring it up to 10 000€! This amount will be split among the four teams that qualified for the semi-finals, as planned:

First Place
  • 50% of the cash prize 
  • 1-year subscription pack
  • The Champion Set
  • "Winner of the 649 Dofus Cup" title
  • "DOFUS Cup" emote
Second place
  • 30% of the cash prize
  • 6-month subscription pack
Third place
  • 10% of the cash prize
  • 3-month subscription pack
Fourth place
  • 10% of the cash prize
  • 3-month subscription pack
See you tonight at 7.45 p.m. CET (DOFUS time) on Ankamalive for the second semi-final: Band of the Hawk vs Les Midis. And don't forget, next Sunday at 5 p.m. CET (DOFUS Time) will be the grand final!