Soon enough, War, Corruption, Misery, and Servitude shall arise from nowhere (or elsewhere), determined to unveil their 4 truths! The 2.54 DOFUS update will be released on Wednesday, December 11th: that gives you some time to write up your will!

Thubalup-thubalup: as one update rides off into the sunset, we are right back in the saddle, ready for the next one! The 2.54  update  - The 4 Horsemen of the Eliocalypse - will be available next Wednesday. If you are eager to know what lurks behind the Eliocalypse, you will have to pull your weight!

On the agenda for this new update:

Get ready!

* Watch out! If you play on the heroic server, be aware that, unlike in previous years, you can get aggro'ed in this the area.