A new year means new challenges. We're starting again and trying to do better! Let's see… What's the 1st event of the year? Let your gluttony do the talking, it's right on the tip of your tongue… yes! The Thwee Kings Cake! And for the 2nd year in a row, you won't just nibble on it…

"Every lucky figurine for himself!": That's the Game of Crowns! in a nutshell – no running away, just getting your mitts on as many Woyal Lucky Charms as you can. It might sound easy, but actually you'll have to fight like a Mufafa to be Kwing of the Cake!

From Tuesday, January 7 (after the weekly maintenance), to Sunday, January 19 at 11:59 p.m. CET, face the royal bosses in their dungeons and collect the Woyal Lucky Charms they drop when you defeat them (if you're lucky, they might drop something more than just those charms, too). There will be something for everyone: levels 30, 80, 140 and 200. The harder they are to defeat, the more Charms you'll collect; and the more you have, the nicer your title* for the year will be!

Of course, you won't be the only one participating… Track your progress by checking how many Woyal Lucky Charms you have in your inventory.

Plan of Attack: The Game of Crowns Boss List

  • Royal Gobball
  • Kwakwa
  • Royal Coco Blop, Royal Morello Cherry Blop, Royal Indigo Blop & Royal Pippin Blop**
  • Royal Blue Jelly, Royal Lemon Jelly, Royal Strawberry Jelly & Royal Mint Jelly***
  • Wa Wabbit
  • Wa Wobot
  • Rac Queen
  • Royal Rainbow Blop**
  • Fraktal
  • Royal Mastogob
  • Royal Tofu
  • Royal Pingwin
  • Tengu Snowfoux
  • Celestial Bearbarian
  • Dantinea
  • Dazahk Freezammer
  • Queen of Thieves
  • King Nidas

Rewards: Ceremonial Items and Titles

  • Title: Epiphony 650 (starting from 168 Woyal Lucky Charms)
  • Title: Lucky-Charm Collector 650 (starting from 504 Woyal Lucky Charms)
  • Title: Kwing or Kween for a Day 650 (starting from 1,008 Woyal Lucky Charms)
  • Wa Odanowth's Cwown (collectable as a rare drop, not linked to your account)
  • Wa Odanowth's Cloak (collectable as a rare drop, not linked to your account. New!)

See you on Tuesday to take part in this event, which is sure to be crowned with success yet again!

ERRATUM: Contrary to what was announced, in order to obtain your titles, you must exchange your Woyal Lucky Charms with NPC "Wa Egon" before the end of the event. The NPC can be found at [9,-2] (Madrestam Harbour). 

* The titles will be added to the game the week after the event.
** When fighting the Royal Rainbow Blop, you also face 4 other Royal Blops. However, they are not the "boss" of this fight and will not drop any Woyal Lucky Charms
for the event…
*** It also won't be possible to obtain Woyal Lucky Charms from Royal Jellies by facing several of them in the Jellieth Dimension.