Starting today and until Wednesday, February 12, the Feca Pack is here for adventurers who've decided to be one with their companions!

Manipulating fluids, juggling vials, playing around with precipitates – Otomai is a master in the art of experimentation. His playground, perched on top of the Tree Keeholo, is the birthplace of some of the wackiest inventions and some of the most cataclysmic, too… It was here, in the middle of the island named after Otomai, that Ogrest – a creature as cute as he is clumsy – was born. The greatest Feca alchemist of all times is also the creator of those Ballotwine chocolates with their – let's just say, surprising – powers.

You have until Wednesday, February 12 (at 11:59 p.m. Paris time) to get the Feca class pack!

Several packs are available:

You can also buy the Feca set alone for €8 or 8,000 Ogrines, and the three harnesses for €7 or 7,000 Ogrines each.

Don't miss out!