For a month, you lived to the rhythm of the DOFUS Cup. Two weeks ago and after 16 especially intense rounds of play, the tournament came to a close… Let's take a look back at this emotion-filled event!

All good things come to an end! Even the 2019 edition of the DOFUS Cup ended this past Sunday, December 8… We would like to warmly thank everyone who took part, from near or far, starting with the competitors, of course, but not only them! A huge thanks also goes out to all those who watched and supported the tournament, the streamers who broadcast the event live, the volunteer teams who helped with refereeing, the JOL fan site for its betting module and the KTA teams for their draft module.

Thanks to you, this year, the DOFUS Cup was once again full of encounters and emotions!

Our wish for 2020 is to strengthen our partnership with the KTA association, notably with a 4th season that will span the entire year to come! We'll have more information about that for you in early 2020.

We can't wait!

Until then, enjoy the video recap of the DOFUS CUP 2019 finals:

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