You had to have seen it coming. The year-end festivities are over and since then you've been as bored as a dead rat… Luckily, you can always count on Pandawas and their love of partying – and on those little cookies full of promises: Fortune (or rather, Fortunawa) Cookies!

At this time of year last year, you were running after poor, defenseless Lousy Pigs to steal little cookies that, when eaten, gave you bonuses. You can count on Pandawas to spice up your days – they really know how to bring home the bacon when creating hilhairyous games.

And this year, they've done it again! With one difference. The Lousy Pigs are delighted that you'll be leaving their bacon alone, but the rats are being driven up the walls and want only one thing: to get off this ride!

From January 23 through February 8, adventurers of all stripes can head to Pandala in the hope of stuffing themselves with those delicious Fortune Cookies called Fortunawa Cookies, and pump up not only their waistbands but also their Intelligence, Strength, Agility, and Chance!


Traditionally, each of these cookies contains a quote that matches a bonus. Thus, each Fortunawa Cookie gives you a bonus in one of the stats listed above.

And Fortunawaduo Cookies – as their name suggests – give you a combination of two bonuses!

You can then use these bonuses in combat in exchange for Vitality.

Pandawas know how to party, so they didn't stop there! The White Rat, Black Rat, Sphincter Cell, Tanukouï San, Daggero, Bulbig Brotha, Peki Peki and Pandora Master mobs give you a chance to get a new ceremonial pet: Ratalda!

Stop pouting like a Porcos! You can also get last year's ceremonial pet Wingepig, with a smaller likelihood, from the Dragon Pig, Tanukouï San, Daggero, Bulbig Brotha, Peki Peki and Pandora Master mobs.

The Little Moushu Set

In order to get lost in the crowds to get close to sewer creatures without raising the slightest suspicion, we suggest you get the Little Moushu Set. It'll be on sale for 7.99 Euros or 8,000 Ogrines throughout the event!

This set has a customizable detail: the gemstone which decorates the headgear takes the main color of your character!

Don't miss out!

Edit: A former version of this news was mentioning the 25th instead of the 23rd of January as a start date. This mistake has been fixed. Thank you for your patience.