Recently, Ankama took the quest for Dofus even further and offered you an Emerald Dofus pendant in Swarovski crystal, produced in association with Art de France. Barely laid, already out of stock… Don't panic! A second batch is ready to hatch!

Many of you were seduced by Aerafal's dragon egg reinterpreted as a pendant. Its luminous, nearly diaphanous jade green dazzled many… Were you among those who didn't even have time to get a glimpse at its color? Dry your tears! Here at Ankama, we aren't the type to put all our Dofus in one basket.

In response to the pendant's popularity, we've decided to offer a second chance to get this little beauty. You can already pre-order your pendant, but you'll need to arm yourself with a bit of patience since delivery won't happen before early March.

Specializing in creating and selling jewelry for more than 20 years, Art de France works in partnership with Swarovski, a world-renowned jewelry company. In France and abroad, Art de France's know-how enjoys a solid reputation that promises an always more sparkling future!

So don't waste any time this time!

Pre-order now!


Characteristics: 28mm x 27mm drop pendant in Swarovski crystal, silver-colored rhodium-plated 45+5cm chain and stylized S charm. Delivered in an imitation suede pouch.