Ever wonder what this turtle has in common with the moon? Just like that glowing orb in the night sky, she's been around for ages! So long in fact that – like the chicken and the egg – no one is sure which came first: the heavenly body or the reptile? What is sure, though, is that you aren't the first person to covet her shield!

If you've already explored Crocuzko Island, you've likely stumbled across her sanctuary. If you hope to speak to Ixchelonia, the moon goddess, you need to go through her only intermediary – the majestic and apathetic Turtelonia. And she only grants audiences to those who are capable of defeating her. The same goes for her sublime shield, too! She may be extremely slow, but don't be too quick to howl victory at the moon…

From 4 p.m. CET on Thursday, February 14  to 10 a.m. on Monday, February 17, head to Turtelonia's Sanctuary: If you manage to break the priestess's shell during that time, you'll obtain your shield in-game, directly from this boss.* 

No tricks here! You'll need to defeat Turtelonia in her dungeon.

It'd be a mistake to confront her in the arena to try to get her shield: If you do, it just might be you who turns turtle!

* Only one shield per character; the shield will be linked to your account.