E-sports fans, it's time for us to fully unveil what will add excitement to your next few months of gaming: Season 4 of the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena!

Having studied the various e-sports formats applied to Dofus over several years, the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena (KTA) has combined the best elements in 2020: numerous competitive events open to anyone, a major showcasing of the best players, as well as huge prizes!
Ankama is thoroughly confident in the KTA project and has decided to once again assist the organization by sponsoring it.

Season 4

KTA hosts PvP tournaments in Dofus based on a seasonal system. Three seasons have already run since 2018, and now it's time to cover the fourth. This season is more ambitious than the ones before it, as it will feature more advanced tournament formats, along with prizes equaling the scale of the event.

So from February to November, you'll get the chance to throw yourself into competitive PvP over the course of 8 tournament periods!

Placement Tournament and League Tournaments

For Season 4, the KTA is going back to a system it successfully experimented with in Season 2: Players will be divided up into different level leagues.

Depending on your performance, you'll have the option to join 1 of 3 existing leagues:

Bronze League

The Bronze League brings together an unlimited number of teams beginning the KTA adventure. The only objective is to increase your rank!
Silver League

The Silver League accepts teams that have distinguished themselves, and there are only 50 spots. The goal is clearly to reach the highest level!
Gold League

The Gold League consists of the best teams, with only 8 spots available. Be aware that this position is subject to change…

Five waves of league tournaments will take place throughout the year. In each tournament, teams from the same league will face off. You may go up or down in the leagues depending on how you perform in each tournament, so nothing's set in stone!

In order for teams to be distributed at the start of the season, there will be a Placement Tournament. The top 8 teams will compete in the Gold League; the next 50 will be in Silver; and the rest will compete in Bronze.

If you miss the Placement Tournament, not to worry: You can join the KTA during any tournament by registering for the Bronze League!


Having been an event since KTA Season 1, Inglorium is very important to the PvP community. This major tournament ignores leagues to welcome all players in one big competition.
In 2020, the tournament will take place between September and October. That gives you plenty of time to plan ahead, but feel free to mark your calendars now!

KT Finals: Who Will Succeed Omae and Band of the Hawk?

The KT Finals close out every season of the KTA, bringing together the top 16 teams of the season to vie for the championship. This event will most certainly include fine gameplay and fine prizes!

To date, two teams have received top rankings in the three seasons of the KTA. The winning team in Season 1, Omae, went on to achieve incredible performances, like their 2019 Dofus Cup win. Band of the Hawk, meanwhile, emerged victorious in Seasons 2 and 3, consistently dominating the KTA circuit.

But in 2020, the crown is up for grabs once more! Will a different team reign supreme?


In 2020, all KTA matches will once again take place on the tournament server. In case you don't remember, this server ensures fairness by providing every player registered for the KTA with an Ankama account that has all 18 classes, at level 200, possessing all equipment at level 160 and higher, as well as pets, mounts, and shields. The characters also have all additional stats set to 100, and a permanent bonus of 1 action point, 1 movement point, and 1 Range.

This year, the KTA will achieve a new milestone. All matches will now be played after a draft phase that determines the composition of the two teams to face off. This way, everyone will be in the same boat!


Since this is an e-sports competition, there are big prizes at play!

Here's what you could score by participating in the KTA:

  • one of three brand-new shields representing the KTA leagues, to be awarded to the tournament winners in each league
  • €500 to the team that wins the Gold League tournament
  • €2,500 to be split between the best teams in the Inglorium event
  • a prize pot of at least €5,000 to be split between the top teams in the KT Finals
  • the Season 4 champions will receive the in-game title "Seasonal Warrior", plus a Champion Set


Have we persuaded you? Then join the adventure!

Registration for the Placement Tournament starts Wednesday, January 29 and ends Friday, February 7. The first matches will take place Sunday, February 9.

A tutorial on how to register will be available on the KTA website.

Participants are strongly encouraged to join the KTA Discord server.


Have a Twitch or YouTube channel and are interested in broadcasting KTA matches? The organization will be glad to accommodate you!

To file a request, simply enter the KTA Discord server and contact an admin.

Join in the e-sports fun now!

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