A few weeks ago, we asked for your opinions in a survey. Here are the results.

As you know, massive exploitation of a flaw by a large number of cheaters last year led us to take some drastic measures on the heroic server. Since correcting the flaw and performing a significant rollback weren't enough to completely erase the effects of the cheating, we considered a number of scenarios, none of which seemed likely to completely satisfy the community.
That's why we decided to conduct a survey offering you two options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Resetting the server, which would allow us to restart from a clean slate but also take away players' history, characters and purchases.
  • Creating a new server with no change to how the game operates, which would allow for a new rush under identical conditions.

First of all, we want you to know that the reason it took us a while to get back to you on this is because we had to do a lot of work to sort through and verify your responses (besides all the other tasks to be done). For example, we can tell you that the cheaters tried to bias the results here too… and some of them put in quite a bit of effort.

Obviously, we were prepared for this type of behavior, and we had set up solutions to analyze survey responses after the fact and eliminate the cheaters' responses from the result. Still, these actions forced us to take more time to run a thorough analysis of the data and ensure a clean result.

52% of you voted for a new heroic server.


This new server will be named Thanatena and we'll keep you informed about its opening as soon as possible.
As previously announced, there will be no option to transfer characters between Oto Mustam and this new server.

Nor will we be able to merge this server with Oto Mustam in the future.

To all of you who are ready to take on the ultimate DOFUS challenge, have fun and enjoy the game!