You've been waiting, and finally, Update 1.31 will be released in a few days! 

The changelog posted on December 18 now includes additional fixes that were flagged by players. This is our way of thanking you for your patience. Find the updated changelog here, and a list of these extras below: 

Bug Fixes:

– A bug that occurred when reconnecting to combat when monsters are invisible has been fixed.
– The invisibility effect stacking has been fixed: Monsters had previously become visible before the end of their effect.
– Transparency when invisibility ends has been fixed.
– A bug that caused the grid to disappear when reconnecting to combat has been fixed.
– A bug that sometimes caused interfaces to fail to load properly when reconnecting after a sudden log off in specific circumstances has been fixed.
– In spectator mode, the name of the character being played had previously stopped appearing in the interface showing the character's characteristics.
– The display of infinite boosts has been fixed in the boost list.
– A multi-account bug has been fixed: All windows would randomly turned gray (total freeze), forcing players to restart the game. Only affected the 64-bit client.


– The following options will be turned on by default when emptying the cache:
  • show coordinates
  • show movement ranges
  • highlight targetable cells
  • display the time in the chat
  • turn on keyboard shortcuts
– The client will now always try to avoid map change plots during movement.