While it's true that the best adventurer is a well-equipped adventurer, it's also true that to be truly happy, a Twelvian needs good company and strong support. Preferably from a little friend who will obey their every whim without question. The Class Pets Mystery Box is here!

Cloak: Check. Boots: Check. Headgear: Check. Harness: Check. Wait a second… Don't you feel like you're forgetting something? Like maybe… an adventurer's best friend, the one who brings you warmth and comfort on those long journeys, by day or by night, through rain, wind or snow, or even all of them at once! The one who's always there to listen to your complaints without interruption (if only he could talk…). The one who always extends a paw to comfort you. The one who'll always defend you tooth and nail… or fang and claw.

We're talking about your pet, gosh darn it!

We recently revealed 6 new class packs. Today, head to the DOFUS online shop to find a Mystery Box with the pets to match (Iop, Sram, Rogue, Osamodas, Foggernaut and Cra). A "mini Iop Croum", a "skull-and-crossbones cannonball", a "robotic bomb", the Gobgob, a "Plop diver", or a "Scaraleaves crossbowman": no matter what class they are, these new pets have got plenty of class!

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In case you aren't familiar with Mystery Boxes, the concept is simple: open the box and you'll receive an item chosen at random from whatever's inside! In this case, that means:

Common items:

  • Pack of 4 random emotes
  • 4 random Chronomorph transformation potions
  • Size Change Potion (shrinking version)
  • Melon Pearldrop x2, Mirabelle Plum Pearldrop x2

Uncommon items:

  • Bitter Shigekax
  • 5 days of subscription time
  • Color change

Rare items:

  • Iop Ceremonial Pet
  • Sram Ceremonial Pet
  • Rogue Ceremonial Pet
  • Osamodas Ceremonial Pet
  • Foggernaut Ceremonial Pet
  • Cra Ceremonial Pet

Epic items:

  • One Iop, Sram, Rogue, Osamodas, Foggernaut or Cra class pack chosen at random (set + 3 harnesses).


  • All the pets.

The Class Pets Mystery Box is available now through March 18 at 11:59 p.m. (Paris time) for € 1.99 or 2000 ogrines apiece. In the mood to spend a little more? There are plenty of options available:

For this special occasion, class packs (including the set, all three harnesses and the fatal blow or emote) for all 6 of these classes will again be available in the shop for the same period.

Don't miss out!