Update 2.55 is on its way…How about a sweet treat with just the slightest touch of sour to get your taste buds ready for the main course? Yes, it'll soon be time to roll up your sleeves and fight! But before returning to face the Eliocalypse once more, we thought we'd whet your appetite with these 3 tunes from update 2.54!
As you mentally prepare for the update of your dreams (with a theme that's more like something out of a nightmare), have a listen to these top-notch musical selections from the previous update to remind you what you'll be up against.


Servitude steps onto the stage with a high and mighty attitude… ready to crush weak and lowly nothings like you into the dust! They say sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind… But why bother with kindness when you can be cruel full-time?


Something's not quite right about this seemingly soothing melody. Don't be fooled! She's gaining ground! Who? …oh, the Misery of it all…

Final battle

You're right there! In the heat of the final battle! Can you hear it? That urgency in the drums? Now it gives way to intense, melodious vocals. The sound of victory, perhaps? That's all up to you. The outcome of this battle is in your hands!

So? Which of these 3 ditties is your favorite?

Join us soon in-game to find out what the Eliocalypse has in store for you next!