First there was the magical orb, now other services have entered the DOFUS Retro shop. Do you think your character needs to make a change? A new name? New colors? A new gender? Now, you can change all that!

Mimi Luv, the Enutrof, woke up one morning and something was different. He wasn't seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses anymore. Tired of wearing the same color day in, day out for years, he had a revelation while staring into his morning coffee.

Until now, Lou Bogstopper, the Feca, had laughed along with life and his friends when they teased him incessantly about his name. But the jokes were getting old!

Eddy Piwi, the Osamodas, sang baritone with the choir but he'd always felt more at ease singing with soprano adventurers…

Jan Nyss was proud of her guild, Team Sprocket. But her ex-boyfriend had chosen the name and emblem…

The first used the color change service and now has a new nickname: "Butterfly".

The second used the name change service and now the Feca Lou "Kostelo" is making everyone laugh on the big screen.

As for the third, he became "she" thanks to the sex change service. A quick name change later, Edith Piwaf went on to become a world-famous singer…

The fourth player used the guild name change and guild emblem change services. Since renaming her guild "Central Pork", she's made lots of new friends!

You, too, can change your Twelvian's life, either by using one of the services below or by taking advantage of the complete package we've dubbed New Life, which contains the name change, color change and sex change services.


All these services can be found in the DOFUS Retro shop now!