Starting this afternoon (at 17:00 CET), do something to make your sweetie's heart melt faster than chocolate in a Bwork's sweaty palm. Give them a bouquet of demonic roses, an Emerald Dofus pendant, or even the still-warm body of a Chocrosis-infected Gobball, disembowelled especially for them! Or maybe a service from the shop

Duf, the Meridia of Luv, is getting ready for his biggest day of the year… Every year, it's the same old song. "I love you, my lilpiwi!" "You're as warm and sweet as a Golden Brioche fresh from the oven!" "Your daddy must be a Sram, 'cause he stole all the stars from the Krosmoz and put them in your eyes…"

The sweet nothings whispered by lovers as they smooch on park benches ooze and drip everywhere and splash you without warning. Put an end to this goopy overdose of love and these disgusting displays of affection in the traditional way: by clobbering some pink Gobballs!

You see, while Saint Ballotwine is undoubtedly the holiday for heartsick lovers everywhere, it's also high season for another illness known as Chocrosis, the result of an unfortunate experiment by Otomai, the greatest alchemist of all time.

Are you more the type to scream your love loud and proud to the whole World of Twelve? Well, first of all, take a breath and calm down! And now, let us remind you that DOFUS gives you the option to get married in-game! Those who haven't yet found that special someone can choose to wear the St. Ballotwine's Day Hat to signal that their heart is up for grabs! (Use the -> RETROLOVE2020 <-  gift code to get your St. Ballotwine's Day Hat on DOFUS Retro)

This is also a good time to remind you that if you complete the "Offering for Duf" quest, you'll receive a Saint Bonnetwine hat starting next week.*

So to sum up: whether you're a bashful lover or a sassy single, join us in-game starting today at 17:00 (CET) to celebrate Saint Ballotwine!**

For Saint Ballotwine: 20% off on many services (note: offer valid only for DOFUS 2)

Winning your crush's heart can be tough if your name is Crusty Bunz or Droop Flopsalot. Especially if you've got the body of a Peki Peki crossed with a Pikoko.

Want to maximize your chances of charming that special someone who not only gets your left and right ventricles pumping in harmony, but your vena cava, aorta and tricuspid valve too? Then hurry to the shop to check out our selection of services! To help you decide, we're offering a 20% discount on changing your character's name, sex, colors, face or class, and on the Makeover Pack, Mimisymbics, and the "New Life" Bundle. Offer valid through February 15.

Grab the services you need and pretty soon you'll be ready to strut your stuff in the upcoming Miss & Mister 2020 pageant, or awaken your inner Leopardo Dicarpaccio or Scarlett Jomama…

For this special occasion, the Saint Ballotwine Haven Bag will also be available in the online shop through February 16.


*Offer only valid for DOFUS 2.
**This offer is valid for both DOFUS 2 and DOFUS Retro.