Pre-registration is now open for Thanatena! Soon, you'll experience a new competitive thrill when you join the World of Twelve's brand-new heroic server in style! Find out more in this update…

Very soon, a new heroic server will open its doors. Doors that lead to a world that is not always rosy, where sometimes it's a matter of death and atrocious suffering. Much like Her Majesty Queen Thanatena's land… What? You don’t know who we're talking about?! Hmm… All right then, a little introduction is clearly in order.
Thanatena is the queen of Externam, that land as gray as the complexion of a dying adventurer, the ultimate stopping place, the exit door that souls take when they leave the World of Twelve once and for all… For those who still haven't understood: the kingdom of the dead (or, more accurately, "the realm after death")!
As the goddess of death, it's only natural that she's decided to preside over the arrival of the new heroic server, where death is about more than a few energy points, and death sentences cannot be appealed!
What do you say? Are you up for the challenge?
Pre-registration for this server is open and it's in your interest to participate since doing so comes with gifts specifically for this server (which will no longer be the case once the server is open). Don't waste any time!
If the queen summons you, you'd better be well dressed when you answer her call, even if it's for the last time…

Why pre-register?

Pre-registering lets you:

  1. enjoy the new server, Thanatena, from the get-go; and
  2. get a gift of 3 Fashion Victim mystery boxes, available only on Thanatena.


About Heroic Servers

  • Thanatena is a new server that will offer the "heroic" game mode. In terms of content, all the new features that arrive in DOFUS 2 will also arrive in Thanatena, but with one specific difference: In this game mode, unlike the others, death in combat (both in PvP and PvM) is permanent. Lose a fight and you lose your character and all of your character's experience points (back to level 1), their equipment and everything in their inventory at the time of death (except items in chests), their experience in professions, and their Quests and Achievement progress – absolutely everything. Welcome to the heroic server!
  • To help you progress on the server, character experience, loot, and profession experience are automatically multiplied by 3 compared to "classic" servers. In addition, following a death, any character that is replayed also receives double the character and profession experience gains (bringing the total multiplier to x6) until they reach the highest level they had previously reached in-game.
  • When you die, all your accumulated wealth is therefore lost… but not gone!
    • If you die fighting a group of monsters, every item of your equipment and the contents of your inventory will have a 75% probability of being conserved and randomly redistributed to the monsters in the winning mob's zone. The items can then be retrieved by any other character who wins a fight against the mob carrying your items.
    • If you die fighting other characters, they are the ones who recover your equipment and the contents of your inventory, with the same 75% probability of item conservation. 
  • While these special features are precisely what makes heroic servers so interesting, they unfortunately can also lead less conscientious players to develop tricks to cheat and ruin the game experience for others. In order to avoid and control these unacceptable antics that are the opposite of heroic, very strict, specific rules are necessary in addition to the general rules.* Multi-accounting in PvP, bug exploitation, anti-gaming, fixing fights for profit, client modifications, and being an accomplice in such situations will expose you to sanctions that could result in your being permanently banned from the game.

Edit on February 21

Most of you have expressed your concerns about the modifications to DOFUS's Heroic mode. Please find the complete list of modifications for this game mode below. Keep in mind that these modifications will not only be available on Thanatena, but on both Heroic servers (Thanatena and Oto Mustam) since the changes affect the complete heroic experience.

  • In PvP no minimum level will be required for the attacking character.
  • The number of resources obtained by successes will now have the same limitations as on the Classic servers (1 time per account for dungeon and monster type based successes).
  • There's now a limitation on to the number of simultaneous PvP fights when using multiple accounts.
  • Teleportation modules will be disabled and can no longer be crafted or used.
  • The Lakeside Palace and the Snowbound Village Manor are no longer available for purchase.
  • A new NPC has been added to the Astrubian Milita: Gill D'Allians. He sells Guildalogems and Alliagems and also teleports your character to the Guild and the Alliance Temples.
  • The PvP-XP formula has been modified in order to stop fight fixing for profit.

Pre-registration will be closed on Monday, February 24, at 09:00 a.m. (CET) and the server will open its doors on Tuesday. As usual, keep your eyes on our @DOFUS_EN Twitter account where we'll announce the exact time.

Thanatena, the new heroic server, will open its doors at 4 pm. Are you ready?