Fierce battles (for one blood-red mess), the Amakna Swamps, muddy and nauseating trails in Brakmar, brambles in the Treechnid Forest… Sets come in all sorts of colors, but the Coulive Set comes in only one: yours! Available now in the new subscription packs!

Do you too whisper sweet nothings to the lining of your hat every now and then? Lovingly stroke your cape, promising to always wash it on the delicate cycle? Give your shield a little kiss after wiping the blood of your mercilessly slain enemies from it? You're mad… madly in love with your set. So imagine just for a second that all you need to do is nurture it (with a bit more than love and cold water) for it to love you back so much that it turns your color? You and your set become one… Beautiful, isn't it?

The Coulive Set is available for a second time. Find it now in subscription packs:

  • 3-month subscription pack: a free Coulive cape.
  • 6-month subscription pack: a free Coulive cape and hat.
  • 1-year subscription pack: a free Coulive cape, hat and shield.
  • Master Pack: a free Coulive cape, hat and shield. Please note that the Master Pack can only be purchased once per account for the duration of this offer.
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