Starting Wednesday, February 26, you can play just like back in the day… only better! Version 1.29 of your favorite MMO recently got a fresh coat of pixels. The perfect opportunity to play DOFUS Retro without straining your eyes!
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DOFUS Retro (Remastered) is an expression of our community's deep dedication to the DOFUS adventure. To be more specific, DOFUS Retro (Remastered) is the result of a happy coincidence combined with the initiative of a passionate player.

Just as DUSK was working on some graphical improvements to the animations in his favorite MMO (DOFUS version 1.29), Ankama was getting ready to release DOFUS Retro. Positively gobsmacked (and that's putting it lightly!) by the work put in by this dedicated player, the teams working on the game decided to set up an official version of this revised and improved take on DOFUS Retro.

And so DOFUS Retro (Remastered) was born!

DOFUS 1.X (2006) / DOFUS Retro (2019) /  DOFUS Retro (Remastered - 2020)

A complete audio and visual overhaul that takes the game from 20 to 40 FPS, DOFUS Retro (Remastered) stands alongside the original as a second option. Players are free to choose the mode they prefer when diving into the adventure. We'd like to give a shout out to the essential work done by the graphics teams and the sound department, without whom these improvements wouldn't have had the same flavor. The remixed soundtrack will give longtime players an immersive experience as deep as their dedication to the game. It's enough to give them the chills…

DOFUS 1.X (2006) / DOFUS Retro (2019) /  DOFUS Retro (Remastered - 2020)
DOFUS 1.X (2006) / DOFUS Retro (2019) /  DOFUS Retro (Remastered - 2020)

Blending the first few charming hours of DOFUS with the latest graphics updates, this open beta test for DOFUS Retro (Remastered) is perfect for all you purists who don't mind a little added comfort in your in-game experience! Feel free to share your feedback with us so that we can continue to improve this option!

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, February 26, to check out this new option through the game launcher portal (or Ankama Launcher)!