Season 4 of Krosmoz Tournaments Arena is getting down to the nitty-gritty: the first League Tournaments are here!

A few weeks back, we shared a detailed look at the KTA e-sports project for 2020. The Placement Tournament kicked things off in February, and now it's time for everyone to take it to the next level: the League Tournaments!

3 leagues, 3 levels

At its core, KTA is based on 3 level leagues:

  • the Gold League, akin to the DOFUS World Series championship, in which the best 8 teams in the game face off in an intense competition. Glory awaits those who emerge victorious!
  • the Silver League, reserved for teams that have proven their mettle. Teams who do well here have access to the Gold League, but beware: poor performance will get you relegated to the Bronze League!
  • the Bronze League, open to everyone and anyone who wants to dive into the excitement of PvP tournaments. Just a few quick clicks and you too can be part of KTA!

At the end of each tournament, you can move up to the next league or be relegated to the next one down, depending on your performance, so league lineups are constantly changing!

Over the past few weeks, the Placement Tournament allowed teams to earn starting spots in the Gold and Silver leagues at the start of the season. With 260 teams registered, the tournament was a success, and set a record for highest participation in a tournament not organized by Ankama!

8 teams earned a place in the Gold League with their performance in the Placement Tournament.
Your mission, if you choose to accept it: take those places from them!

Tournaments are now standardized, with 100% of matches held on a special server (all classes and equipment are provided) and a preliminary draft round. That means a truly unique in-game experience that's very different from the Kolossium or AvA!

Ahead of each match, the teams choose the lineups they're going to play.

Your participation in each tournament earns you KTA points which determine your placement in the overall rankings. At the end of the season, the best teams will be qualified for the KT Finals, the tournament to decide who wins it all!

Lots of great rewards

Obviously, the main goal for everyone is to enjoy the game. But there are also big rewards in store for the bravest and boldest!

Throughout the year, you can win all-new shields with league symbols (by winning a league tournament), a Champion Set (by winning the KT Finals) and €10,000 in cash prizes (through the Gold League, Inglorium or KT Finals)!


Registering for KTA is simple:

  • There are no level or server requirements to register, and you don't need a character because accounts will be loaned to you.
  • All KTA activity takes place on a dedicated site.

All teams that want to take part in the tournament must register for it. If you didn't participate in the Placement Tournament, you will automatically start in the Bronze League.

For all leagues, the first tournament of the season will be played on Wednesday and Sunday evenings from March 11 to April 5.

Registration is already open on the tournament pages (Gold League, Silver League, Bronze League) and will end on Monday, March 9:

Register now
The Placement Tournament is over, but you can join KTA for any tournament!

Watch the tournament live on Twitch!

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