For the past few days, Twelvians have been whispering strange words to each other while keeping an eye out on the shadows. OsadidaSacriopEliotrof… A bizarre sort of jargon that's making people curious and giving rise to all kinds of crazy theories

Many of you thought it was an Aperirel Fool's joke. Others believed there was a class merger in the works. But what we're about to reveal goes far beyond any of that…

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Ready for another round?

The Temporis 4 experience will be unlike any other. Leave your old habits behind and prepare to venture off the beaten path

The Scrollsayers have many more secrets to reveal to you… You'll soon have 3 opportunities to learn more:

  • Join us on Friday, March 13th for a new Ankama (Not) Live episode, where we'll be sharing some essential information about this new Temporis.
  • You're also invited to our next Ankama Live event on Twitch, which will take place on Monday, March 16th at 4:00 p.m. CET. - English questions will be answered!
  • Finally, pre-registration for the Temporis servers will start on Tuesday, March 17th!

Keep your eyes peeled!