Not long ago, a new Heroic server opened its doors in DOFUS, offering players adventures that were more exciting, but also more deadly than ever... If getting out alive is already a feat, reaching level 200 takes nothing short of a miracle. And yet, Specter did it!

Among the players who answered the call of Thanatena, there is one who had no fear of seeing the queen of the realm of the dead up close. Very close! Yet, Specter returned from the new Heroic server more alive and determined than ever!

Who better to talk about it than him. Check out what he has to say.

What appealed to you in this Heroic server rush? What challenge did you set yourself?

What appealed to me most was the new challenge. I hadn't played a Heroic server in over ten years, so I didn't really know what to expect. The nostalgia combined with an increasingly punitive competition, where any mistake can be fatal, is a massive challenge for me and my guild. From the very beginning, my goal was to follow in Magina's footsteps. At that time, I was young and my biggest fear was losing my toady set against a gob set Osa army. Today, that hasn't changed much.

How does one become the first person to reach level 200 on a server where you can lose everything at any moment? What was your strategy? How did you go about it? Tell us a little more!

I think it requires a lot of knowledge about the game in general to be able to measure the risk at any moment, both for PVP and PVM. I had a brush with death more than a few times, yet I was one of the lucky few in my guild to only die once. Our organization and our strategy consisted of anticipating things. After a few days, we set up communication and movement protocols on the map so that any member who got attacked could maximize their chances of be saved.

The essential part of my "decisive" XP, in other words the experience that allowed me to get through the deadly stages (117 to 136) was acquired in PVP. With the guild, we quickly became aware of the importance of this aspect of the game. The higher your level gets, the greater the experience percentage earned in PVP.

My guild, Fake Versus All, comes from Ilyzaelle. It's made up of players who have a shared interest in rush servers (Temporis, Retro and Heroic).

The key to our success is the absence of a set leader. We're a group of friends who have known each other for a long time. We're experienced, dynamic and creative players who know how to adapt. We don't get complacent with our accomplishments, we're always trying to get better. It's goodwill and the fact that we're surrounded by people we can count on that has helped us build our success. And on a Heroic server, trust is invaluable.

What are your plans for the future?

Regarding the Heroic server, I'm definitely going to reduce my game time. Being initially from Ilyzaelle, I've reached my main goal of being the first to level 200. However, I would love to have tried the VHL PVM content in economic stuff. Permanent death could add some spice for those of use who are used to finishing dungeons in 2-3 tries on rush servers.

Otherwise, we're impatiently waiting for Temporis IV!

To end, I want to thank the DOFUS team. Thank you to my guild, too. Without them, none of this would have been possible. Thank you for your messages of support in game and on the web, and thanks to Tosmo, my loyal game companion since I was ten.

Until new adventures!