Synchronize your watches: It's Temporis IV time! If you're a little unsure of what to expect before entering the arena, we have some tips to encourage you and boost your confidence.

Forget everything you know. Temporis IV is the time-out you need to get a new perspective on things, connect with friends and have some fun. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

A magic wind is blowing over the World of Twelve, and class spells are getting mixed up by an unstoppable storm! Be among the first to explore these untouched servers, where over 300 different spells can be obtained by defeating monsters (as loot), unlocking objectives, or buying them in the marketplace. Create your own personal 10-spell deck, put it to the test and crush your opponents in the end-of-server tournament.

By the way, the monsters you defeat won't just be dropping spells. You'll get equipment items from them too!




New feature! While you're waiting to win prestigious rewards, you can always stop by the store and rent your equipment at a discount. This is a new feature specially designed for these Temporis servers. We hope you like it. But it's up to you to make it work to your advantage!



Temporis doesn't happen every day! So, you might as well look your best and buff up your accessories and equipment until gleaming! That's why, after such resounding success last time, we're bringing a firm favorite back: Yes, it's the Fashion Victim Mystery Box!

Like its predecessor, this second edition of the Mystery Box is packed with an eye-popping 18 sets, each lovingly ironed, starched, folded (at the Enutrofs' insistence), and ready to be paraded for Temporis IV!

Parisse Milton has already bought a thousand of them. Kimy Kardarelo turned up with hers in one hand at a famous Bontarian restaurant as she picked at a plateful of breaded Tofu wings with the other. And Minoomi Bellcamp's box rests proudly on a velvet pillow, safely protected from dust under a crystal dome in the middle of her 1,000-square-foot dressing room.

This is what you can get:


  • White Ninja Attire
  • Bzzz Attire
  • Winged Attire
  • Chips Attire
  • Miss Lousy Piggy Attire
  • Viootifool Attire


  • Pinokio Set Attire
  • Sun Attire
  • Percimol Attire
  • Fluffball Attire


  • Primate Attire
  • Platypus Attire
  • Boratt Attire
  • Eastern Wood Attire
  • Black Crow Attire
  • Beanie Attire


  • Tuquoque Attire
  • Floral Attire

Jackpot: rare + epic items

This Mystery Box is arriving just in time for the opening of the Temporis servers! Have you already decided exactly what you're going to wear for the occasion? If so, you may want to rent some cosmetics (see below).

Now permanently available in the DOFUS online boutique, the Fashion Victim Mystery Box #2 can be yours for just 1,000 ogrines or €0.99 each. When you buy 10 Mystery Boxes (10,000 ogrines or €9.99), we'll give you one for free!

Note that if you decide to assign the set you receive to one of the Temporis servers, it will be returned to your account when those servers close.


Forget everything you know. Temporis IV: The Rise of the Scrollsayers is the diversion you need to clear your mind, connect with friends, and have some fun. We sincerely hope you love it.Enjoy the game, everyone!