Diligently, you fight and loot, fight and loot, leveling up your character on Temporis. This painstaking work will finally pay off through two elite tournaments. Earning XP all spring long? We're glad to hear it. Now win!

Tournament of the Scrollsayers

This competition will serve as the culmination of the Temporis servers, the climax of this unique event. The schedule will be posted very soon. This is an introduction allowing you to mentally prepare yourselves…


The Tournament of the Scrollsayers will have teams of 2 players facing off in 2 major stages:

  • The first will consist of qualification rounds, during which teams will battle according to the Swiss rounds system (12 rounds). 32 teams will be selected by the end of these rounds…
  • … to then come together for a classic knockout bracket phase. During these finals, before each match, each team will ban 6 spells for the opposing team.
    The team will be unable to use these spells for the duration of the match. Matches will be done in BO3 format (2 winning rounds), such that there may be up to 18 spells excluded (corresponding to 3 matches for a score of 2-1).

For now, there is only one restriction: Two players on a team are allowed to play the same class, but they must equip different spells.


  • 1st to 32nd place
    The exclusive title "Scrollsayer Finalist"
  • 3rd and 4th place
    A 6-month subscription pack
  • 2nd place
    A 1-year subscription pack
  • 1st place
    A rare Temporis petsmount + a Master Pack + the Champion Set

Okay, But the Schedule…?

The dates will be announced shortly. But we can say that there will be matches practically every night during the last two weeks of Temporis. We want to make sure that the evening matches don't overlap with those of the two KTA league tournaments (see below and here).


KTA Tournaments: The Temporis Series

This is a series of bi-weekly tournaments across all Temporis servers. All the planning is happening on the website and the corresponding Discord server.


The tournaments will be played in teams of 2. Multiples of the same class are permitted, but multiples of the same spells are not.

The tournament consists of one or more knockout brackets of 16 teams. If fewer than 16 teams register, the tournament will not take place.

As soon as 16 teams are registered on a server, a bracket is generated.
Therefore, if 20 teams have registered, only the first 16 will be able to participate in the tournament; the other teams are placed on a waiting list in case one of the registered teams drops out.
Teams will be assigned to the various tournament brackets based on their level. The 16 lowest-level teams will face off, while the 16 lowest-level teams above them will face off, and so on.

The tournament is generated fully automatically. Thus, teams will submit their results to the KTA website and the bracket will advance automatically, assigning the next opponents and cards to each team.


A registration system coupled with a check-in (manual confirmation the day of the tournament that the whole team is present) will verify that teams are present for the tournament.

Open registration begins at 2 p.m. (Paris time), two days before the tournament starts, and will end an hour before the tournament starts.

The check-in phase will take place 10 to 30 minutes before the tournament starts.
If a team is registered but misses their check-in, they won't be able to participate.

To be considered valid, a team must have 2 people, each with a KTA account and an Ankama username. Teams must register on the tournament page for the players' server.

The team is formed directly in the tournament registration form, using a teammate search tool.

The players' in-game nicknames must be entered in the registration form so that they can be contacted in the game.

During check-in, teams must enter their players' current levels so that teams can be divided up.


The winning teams in each tournament will receive a kama prize.


So, ready to take up the challenge?
Think you'll take part in one of these tournaments? Or why not both?