The situation is serious; explosive, you might say. The Rise of the Scrollsayers is not to everyone's liking. The Magic Committee and the Inquisition are strongly opposed to people having free access to spells without a license or proper instruction. Jaillat Kubiak and Brendo Welsh are about to bear the brunt of their ire. Unless…

In the middle of a green and lush landscape, with the sweet sound of tweetering all around, there was a very ordinary thicket. But then something less than ordinary happened: a telescope suddenly extended from within it.


The telescope lens revealed a military-style camp, composed of three large rectangular tents, guarded by two militiamen holding spears.

"So, this is where they're holding them. Strange, I don't see the colors of Bonta or Brakmar."

The telescope panned slightly to the left. Perched in a walnut tree, an Osamodas dressed as a Iop gave a thumbs-up at the telescope. From the top of the thicket, a furry brown arm extended, and at the end, the thumb and index finger curled round to meet each other in a hand signal to the hiding adventurer.

"Helgaga is in position. It's up to me now."

A strange Tofu started to spin around the bush. A red crest worthy of a Iop's mane sat atop its round head.

"What are you doing here? Why are you following me? Go back to your owner! Go on, scram!"

The Tofu seemed to be enjoying itself and wanted to play with its new friend disguised as a thicket. It grabbed a card from the strange thicket's pocket. The card bore the initials LOLRPG and a photo of a handsome canine adventurer, smiling from canine to canine, with the name: Duncan MacCocker, lucky Ouginak, odd-job expert.

"Give me that, piwi! Now's not the time for play! I'm on an important mission!"

The Ouginak left its hiding place with a perfectly executed pirouette and immediately hid behind the trunk of a large oak tree, standing as straight and still as a… tree. The amused Tofu followed him.

"You'll get us spotted, you stupid bird! Go back to Helgaga!"

Duncan carefully peered around the tree at the camp, then quickly and furtively navigated an obstacle course to get closer to it: He weaved between trees, jumped over a stump, sprinted on all fours, then finished with a roll into a hollow a few kameters from the camp. He looked around him and seemed pleased to be rid of the annoying bird, not realizing that the Tofu was in fact perched on top of his head, on the bone holding up his wild mane.


Jaillat left the middle tent, handcuffed and escorted by two militiamen. They led him inside the first tent, the one at the back from Duncan's position.

"That must be where they're holding them," he thought.

Shortly after, the militiamen came back out with a Rogue dressed in pink, as if she had been crossed with an Eniripsa.


They went into the middle tent.

"And that's where they must be interrogating them. Time for action: I'll take this chance to see what's inside that third tent…" he said to himself before leaving the hollow.

Cautiously and still unaware he had an intrepid Tofu on his head, he approached the tent and sniffed at the entrance. It seemed no one was inside. He then heard steps approaching. Duncan threw himself into the tent and hid behind the first wooden crate he saw.

"Just as I thought. This third tent is for storage and supplies."

Two voices outside interrupted his thoughts.

" … we have enough proof to take them."

"What will you do with them?"

"Why, Mr. Dracfoy. We shall help them, of course."

"Hmm… I know what kind of helping hand you Inquisition fellows like to give. I'm not sure I approve. It's not exactly… ethical."

"Was it not your ethics that brought you here, my dear? Did you not hear a little voice, that of your morals, telling you to take action? Did it not tell you to stop these people, these vagabonds who claim to be adventurers, from seizing knowledge they have no right to possess?"

"I agree with that last part, Father Perledelaih. The rest is of your concern. I suggest we go now…"

Duncan leapt out of his hiding place, jaw clenched:

"Curs! I must hurry…"

The Ouginak began to rummage through a crate, his agitation causing the Tofu to sway upon his head.

"I'll make a smoke bomb to create a diversion. I was lucky to find the tent with supplies, I just need to find the right…" He pulled his hand out of the crate, holding a container. "… items! Haha! Bingo! The wood stripper Jaillat uses for his bow!"

He searched the crates again, shaking the Tofu every which way.

"Great! One of Brendo's poison antidotes! That's two products rich in potassium permanganate. That's my oxidant. And as for fuel…" He continued to rummage. "… oxygenated water! That's everything I need to trigger an artificial fog reaction! And this test tube will act as a canistAAAH!!!"

Duncan jumped as the Tofu leaned forward, head upside down a few millikameters from his face! The test tube dropped to the floor and smashed.

"Oh, well done! What can I put my mixture in now, you foul fowl?!"

The Ouginak suddenly heard raised voices in the nearby tent and pricked his ears.

"Out of the question! "You hired us to conduct this investigation. Our inquiry was supposed to determine if there's trafficking of scrolls and potentially to regulate it."

Duncan turned to the Tofu:

"Things are getting heated in there! I need to hurry! Everyone's counting on me!"

He looked all around, trying to stay calm. An arrow? Useless. A shoe? Better, but not good enough. A Tofu? A Tofu…" The animal shook its head.

"That might just work!"

Duncan grabbed the bird, poured oxygenated water into its beak, then the antidote, and finally the wood stripper. The Tofu's eyes bulged out of their sockets, its ears let out wisps of steam. Then the lucky Ouginak took some band-aids out of his pocket:

"Don't worry!" he said, taping the Tofu's beak shut. "There's no danger… usually."

He took his mechanical countdown timer off his wrist and attached it to the bird's abdomen.

"20 seconds: That's how long it should take for the potassium permanganate to oxidize the oxygenated water via a redox reaction. With the heat from its body, the water will pass from a liquid to a gaseous state. Once… er… evacuated…" The Tofu stared at him, visibly distressed. "… the water will immediately recondense into fine suspended water droplets, thus creating a white fog!"

The Tofu tried to shout its disapproval, but all that came out was a Moumouse squeal. Duncan ran to the entrance of the second tent where there seemed to be an altercation:

"You've no right to do this," said a female voice.

"It's for your own good. You know not what you do," replied the one who was seemingly called Father Perledelaih.

Duncan looked at the Tofu one last time:

"You'll be fine, okay? In this fight between Good and Evil, you're about to be a hero!" The Ouginak put one knee to the ground and got ready to roll the animal across the floor. "I just hope your diet isn't too rich in potassium…"

He then launched the "projectile" inside the tent and stepped back a few kameters. Three seconds later, he heard the chaos he had sown. At that moment, Helgaga, surrounded by a flock of Tofus with Iop crests, came running up and winked at him before putting a scarf over her face and entering the tent. Duncan, jubilant and tongue lolling, span round like a Peki Peki. But things weren't going as planned… The tent was on fire! What was being used as an interrogation room was now engulfed in purplish flames!

"Blast, how could I be so stupid! Of course, its diet is rich in potassium. It eats whatever seeds and roots it can find!"

To be continued…

The Rise of the Scrollsayers is happening now in DOFUS!