THE weekly event has arrived! Djinn and Logan for the first part, joined by Kewl for the question-and-answer portion, are back with more updates about Temporis IV, and also answer questions on other topics. Watch the replay!

Forget everything you know. Temporis IV is right on time to set things straight!

A magic wind is blowing over the World of Twelve, and class spells are getting all mixed up in an unstoppable storm! At this very moment, thousands of you are clobbering monsters and collecting new spells to try and build the perfect deck.

Every week, Djinn and Logan take a deep dive into the Temporis servers to see what you've been doing. It's time to see if you've risen to the challenge!

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On this week's agenda:

  • In the first part, Logan talks about the latest news in Temporis IV.
  • Then an hour of questions and answers summarized here:



Over the course of the livestream, players asked a number of questions about the maintenance that was underway. As usual, Logan and Djinn reminded everyone that information about the maintenance would be available through the usual channels (@dofus_en on Twitter, plus the forum) and that they wouldn't even discuss the details of the changelog because they would only be validated during tests that were still ongoing at the time of the livestream.

Here are the other topics that were discussed, presented in FAQ form:

When will Fleaster Island close?

Tuesday, April 28.

Is development on the DOFUS game on standby due to the current work-from-home conditions?

Development is continuing, but we won't provide details here at the moment. What we can tell you is that we are preparing some surprises for you for after Temporis.

Is there a new class planned for the near future?

This is not one of our current projects (see previous question) and it's not planned for the medium term either.

Are any modifications planned for Pandala?

Yes, this is one of our current projects. We are very excited about what we'll be offering you on this island, and we're still on track… But we'll get back to you when we have something to show you.

Are you planning to make any changes to the Abysses of Sufokia to push back against "power leveling"?

We are aware of the existence of certain "preferred areas" where some players like to farm XP: the Abysses of Sufokia, King Nidas's Palace, etc. For now, we have not planned any changes for these areas.

Are you planning to continue with balancing for other classes besides Sacriers and Osamodas?

Yes, there will be changes to other classes (some, not all) later in the year.

What actions will you be taking to prevent the use of bots?

Right now, we're seeing fewer and fewer bots in all of our games. This shows that we are still continuing with our anti-bot efforts. Bots farm resources which they then sell in-game to generate kamas, and those kamas are then sold for real money. By buying these kamas, you yourself are financing these bots' continued presence in the game! The organizations that operate these bots work like companies, and they react to every change, every new action we take, by adapting their behavior to work around our measures – because their profits depend on it. The proof of this is that, at this time, you will always find bots in any MMO you play.

When you pay for your subscription or buy things in our shop, you know that your money is paying for game development, server and infrastructure maintenance, and the salaries of the people who are working to give you the best possible gaming experience. In short, you know that your money is being reinvested in the game. On the other hand, when you buy kamas illegally, you know that a part of that money is invested in the development needed to maintain their network of bots, and that another part of the money goes to maintaining their website… but you don't really know what the vast majority of your money is being used for! In other words, by participating in the illegal kama trade, not only are you contributing to the proliferation of bots in your game, you are also financing illegal activities that you know nothing about.

That's why we ask that you always obtain your kamas from the Kama Exchange, rather than illegally from third-party sites.

Why was the class change unavailable for 2 days?

First of all, let us remind everyone that the class-change service has never been available on the Temporis servers, and that it won't be available in the future either. Due to the nature of this server (where there shouldn't be much difference between one class and the next) and to avoid misuse, we decided not to allow class changes on the Temporis IV servers.

As for the unavailability of the class change for about 2 days, that was a side effect of another change. We have since corrected it, and the service is now available (but still not on Temporis, of course).

Are you aware of the XP bug on Thanatena?

Yes, we are aware of this and we will be looking into it. We'll get back to you on this.

Given the wait times players are still experiencing on Jahash, will you be increasing the maximum capacity of this server?
No, that will not be possible. We have already gone beyond the normal limits for the game servers; pushing this any further would mean a decline in your in-game experience, and we don't want that.

Will the Dolmanax bonuses be improved?

We do not currently have any plans for this.

Temporis IV

Regarding Temporis, a number of questions were asked about different bugs or class spells: the Rogues' bombs, the Huppermages, the Masqueraiders and the Humiliation spell, the Foggernauts' Turrets, etc. All of these questions received a similar response, indicating that the information would be available in the changelog, which you can now view here.

Here are the other topics that were discussed, presented in FAQ form:

How long does it take for the monsters from wanted notices to reappear?

It still takes 10 hours. We haven't changed anything here.

When will the achievements for the 3rd wave of dungeons be unlocked in-game?

With this morning's maintenance (for Tuesday, April 14)

Can you give us any hints about obtaining the Machine Gun spell?
Not just yet, we want to keep this information to ourselves until later…

Why were the Temporis rewards made available on the permanent DOFUS 2 servers?
This approach was announced on Temporis I, though perhaps announced a bit less on Temporis II… But we heard the discussion that took place this weekend, and we're going to talk it over and get back to you about it. In any case, don't worry about Temporis IV, because here we have already decided that the rewards will not be made available on the classic servers, including the griffin.

Are you going to change the required time restrictions before a house can be a guild house?

Nothing has been planned for the moment, but we will look on the forum and see what we can do about this…

What's up with the GMs' events?
We'll have news for you about these very, very soon! Tomorrow (Wednesday, April 15), we will be recording the pre-recorded part of next week's livestream, and it'll be with them. We'll have info for you ^^

Are you planning to make changes to the Eniripsa passive? It's a bit weak…

No, no changes are planned for the moment, but we're monitoring the game and the spells, and we'll be sure to take action if we notice any problems.

We should probably mention that whenever we modify a class that's been reported as "too weak", it's then always THAT class that's reported (by some other part of the community) as "too strong". This effect is due in part to players' lack of experience in fighting with or against this new build for the class… but more importantly, it's a good example of why we take the time to really look at the necessary modifications in order to provide you with the best gaming experience possible.

Got any hints about the hidden scrolls?

All we can tell you for now is to pay careful attention to the interactive elements on the maps (look out for stuffed rabbits!) and hidden messages. We won't say any more than that for the time being, since we also want you to help each other out – and we've noticed that you're very good at that! For example, in the topic that you've created for this issue in the forums (FR)…

Why do we get so many Tempokens for quests and not as many in dungeons?

We wanted to distribute Tempokens over all the game's content: quests, dungeons… but also professions, character progression, achievements, etc.

As far as the debate between dungeons and quests, we should point out that each dungeon has a total of 3 achievements (one per wave), which will balance things out. Plus, when you factor in the average time needed to complete a dungeon vs. a quest, it makes sense that players should get more Tempokens from the quest.

Will we get globally pre-sentient potions at the end of Temporis?

We already mentioned this in the news item with details about shop offers for Temporis (here), and it's also indicated directly in the shop at the time of purchase (on the item description if you are buying directly in-game, or in a popup if you're buying on the web). Reminder: the griffin cannot be globally pre-sentient because it is a petsmount (not a mount).

Are you going to improve the stats of the pre-registration cookie?

No. We don't want to compete with the farmers, alchemists and fishermen who want to make money by crafting and selling consumables that restore HP. Plus, the purpose of this cookie was not for players to keep it with them throughout their adventure, but to give them a little boost at the start of their adventure.

Why is the deck size limited to 10 spells?

This was a strategic decision to encourage you to make a choice. This is an intentional part of the game experience. We really believe that giving you access to 50 spells (or whatever) would be boring and counterproductive.

Don't you think that the Tempoken cost for some of the rewards is too high?

We've made certain choices, and as with any choice, you can either agree with them or not. We wanted to give you objectives throughout the adventure, including for the long term. This is why we've offered some more attractive rewards at a higher price.

What's up with events on Temporis?

There are already streams (where you can win spells), and very soon there will be GM events (with other spells to be won), the KTA tournament just started (on the weekend of April 12-13)… and our tournament will come at the end of Temporis. All of these is event content that we encourage you to follow along with, even if it's not content we created ourselves.

Other projects

Anything new with Waven?

We don't have any news to announce for this project. There was an alpha not too long ago… An alpha is a testing period designed to test one specific piece of content, but it's not a version that's close to what the final game will be. In addition, we don't want to start a new alpha under the current lockdown conditions, because that would be counterproductive for the game.

Do you have any new information about the merger of the Retro servers?

We still haven't set a date, but we'll get back to you as soon as we have information to share.

Anything about Dofus Unity?

You often ask us about DOFUS Unity, and most of these questions are asked because people have heard about the end of Flash, as if that meant that it would also be the end of DOFUS, which runs in Flash. Let us reassure you that it's not Flash itself that will be shut down, just its support service. Flash itself isn't going away! Which means there's no problem with keeping DOFUS going. As for Flash support, we should mention that this support has already ended for certain operating systems, but that doesn't prevent DOFUS from working with those same OS's.
As for the Unity project itself, we'll get back to you as soon as we have information to share.


Where should I send my résumé if I want to work at Ankama?

Use the Ankama site, here. Please remember to attach a cover letter as well!

Why don't you do a Spanish version of this livestream?

Simply because the people making it don't speak Spanish u.u

Will you be doing new subscription codes or a double XP event?

These are gifts that we want to provide to make things more interesting and entertaining. Double XP weekends are also designed to bring in more players at a given time, and right now we don't want to create long waits that will only frustrate you. As for free subscriptions, we also have to think about paying the salaries of our employees who are working from home.

Is there anything you can do to speed up the support response times?

Like you, we're all in lockdown at the moment. The lockdown started Tuesday, and we heard about it on Monday… Our support team has mobilized as many staff as possible, and they've even stopped answering the phone to concentrate on written requests. Despite the situation, they've managed to find some additional helping hands… They're doing their best and we're as sorry for the delay as you are. Our one piece of advice is to NEVER RESTART YOUR TICKET if it's not necessary; let our agents do their job.

How can I get hacked if I have the Shield activated?

This often results from phishing scams. Please use caution with links shared in-game, with promises of unique resources that redirect you to web sites that look exactly like ours but with a URL that's not!

When will multi-account play be available in the Ankama Launcher?

It's already available in internal testing, but only internally for the moment. As soon as we have news on this, we'll get back to you.


That's it for now! We'll see you again next week, with a first part that we'll be recording tomorrow with the GMs!