THE weekly event has arrived! Djinn and our GMs Malvadar-Jandric and Mal-Jabar, for the first part, joined by Logan & Kewl for the question-and-answer portion, are back to share more updates about Temporis IV, and to answer your questions as well. Watch the replay!

Forget everything you know. Temporis IV is right on time to set things straight!

A magic wind is blowing over the World of Twelve, and class spells are getting all mixed up in an unstoppable storm! At this very moment, thousands of you are clobbering monsters and collecting new spells to try and build the perfect deck.

Every week, Djinn and Logan take a deep dive into the Temporis servers to see what you've been doing. It's time to see if you've risen to the challenge!

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On the agenda for this week's Q&A:


Will changes be made to the Cania bandits quest?

Changes were made a month ago to make this quest easier, but given that this quest is required to obtain a Primordial Dofus, we think it's important for the quest to not be too easy. In the lore, Primordial Dofus are the most powerful objects that exist, so quests relating to these objects shouldn't just be a walk in the park.


Why not make multiple small updates to fix minor problems instead of of one big update that fixes everything?

This is what we already do every week with the maintenance operations that we use to push patches.
The community sometimes also asks us, "Why aren't you fixing all these bugs?!" We can't fix everything all at once, for a number of reasons. First of all, because we prioritize our bug fixes, and process them in order of importance. Unfortunately, though, sometimes fixing one bug can create a new bug, and due to the game's old architecture, the size of the game and the size of the team, we can only do so much in the time available to us. Unfortunately, we can't rebuild the whole game overnight. We also can't assign all of our resources to bug fixes; we also have to create content at the same time unless we want to start losing huge numbers of players.


What actions are you taking against illegal kama sites?

Every week, our legal department shuts down multiple phishing or illegal kama-selling sites. Unfortunately, the biggest sites are located in regions where we can't use the law to protect ourselves. That's why we're continuing our "public awareness campaigns" to warn you about these fraudulent practices.
As we talked about last week, this situation is also closely linked to the bot situation. Right now, we're seeing fewer and fewer bots in all of our games. This shows that we are still continuing with our anti-bot efforts. Bots farm resources which they then sell in-game to generate kamas, and those kamas are then sold for real money. When you buy these kamas, you yourself are financing the continued existence of these bots and these sites! The organizations that operate these bots work like companies, and they react to every change, every new action we take, by adapting their behavior to work around our measures – because their profits depend on it. The proof of this is that, at this time, you will always find bots in any MMO you play.

When you pay for your subscription or buy things in our shop, you know that your money is paying for game development, server and infrastructure maintenance, and the salaries of the people who are working to give you the best possible gaming experience. In short, you know that your money is being reinvested in the game. On the other hand, when you buy kamas illegally, you know that a part of that money is invested in the development needed to maintain their network of bots, and that another part of the money goes to maintaining their website… but you don't really know what the vast majority of your money is being used for! In other words, by participating in the illegal kama trade, not only are you contributing to the proliferation of bots in your game, you are also financing illegal activities that you know nothing about.

That's why we ask that you always obtain your kamas from the Kama Exchange, rather than illegally from third-party sites.


Will the KE (Kama Exchange) be appearing on Jahash soon?

Our goal is to open it in the first week of May! As a general rule, we wait a month before opening the KE on a new server.


Will new cards be available in the 1v1 or 3v3 Kolossium?

This isn't part of our plans for the moment, but we don't rule out the possibility of doing this at some point.


Will there be new sidekicks?

There are no plans for this right now. But maybe someday!

Will there be a continuation and conclusion to the series of Treechnid quests?

We're not working on this at the moment, but we've taken note of your interest.

What's going on with Pandala?

Please be patient for just a little while longer. We're looking forward to sharing more about this very soon.

Will there be a 2v2 Kolossium on the classic servers?

We're considering it, but we have other priorities. So, maybe someday, but it's not on our schedule just yet.

Why not give out more information on Twitter about maintenance and the steps involved in it?

Maintenance operations are complex, and the time they take can vary based on a wide range of factors (game, servers, infrastructure). Given that all of these steps and factors have to be dealt with at the same time during maintenance and update operations, it's not possible for us to tell you which steps have been completed without taking time from our teams, thereby slowing down the process of reopening the servers. For these reasons, we are unable to provide any more information about the resolution of maintenance operations.

Is there a Dopple overhaul in the works?

No, nothing planned for the time being.

Are you planning to make fixes to the Crocoburio fight for Eniripsas?

Not for now, but we've taken note of your comments.

Any plans for an overhaul of the Ochre Dofus quest?

There's no global overhaul planned for this quest, but we may modify a few objectives in the current quest, including (for obvious reasons) some changes to the Pandala Archmonsters. We'll have more to say about this at the appropriate time. But for the Ochre quest in general, there are no changes forthcoming.

Any plans for an overhaul of AvA?

As already announced in the KrosmoNote, yes, we do have plans for this. We will be reworking all the social aspects of the game, so not just AvA. We'll give you more information as needed.

Is there an Ankama Convention or other events coming up soon?

Unfortunately, no. And in light of the current pandemic, we've had to cancel our plans for Japan Expo 2020 , and we have no other upcoming events at the moment. As for the KrosmoNote, we would have liked for this to become an annual event, but given the current situation, we don't know if we'll be able to put it on this year. We'll keep you posted as soon as we have more information.

Are you planning to nerf Slobberpuss?

Some changes have already been made. Since this is an endgame fight that was intended to be very difficult, and since all classes and configurations have managed to win the fight, we're not planning to make any more changes for the time being.

What are you doing about wait queues?

We have increased capacity by about 30% on the most heavily affected servers (Meriana and Ush). Beyond that, unfortunately, we can't apply this solution more than once. Even Osamodas can't fit more than 10 gobballs into a paddock built for 5.

ADDITION: We have increased capacity by 30% on the most heavily affected servers. We can't apply this solution more than once, however. Unfortunately, even Osamodas can't fit more than 10 gobballs into a paddock built for 5.
We can't increase the capacity of the servers, as much as we might like to. We keep a close eye on server populations, and you will have noticed that the wait queues have gotten a lot shorter. Since some servers are more heavily affected than others, we know that some of you will say, "Sure, but yesterday I was stuck in the queue for two hours!" In general, though, wait times are now shorter. We're truly sorry about this, but there are a lot of you looking to connect to the servers and play, and unfortunately, space is limited…
Wait times do not result from poor management of the situation. When there are more players trying to connect than the number of available spaces, some of them will wind up waiting in queues. When it comes to servers, there are two issues at play:
- the server infrastructure, which can be flexible – an option that we are already using
- and the game, which unfortunately is not flexible.
The server infrastructure can be flexible, and we are using this option to adapt and adjust to the situation, but in terms of the game itself, having 12,000 players on the same map isn't something we can do. This isn't a matter of the servers' technical capacity; to provide you with an enjoyable game experience, we need to limit the number of players on the servers. Otherwise, the wait queues would disappear but the game would be unplayable, which wouldn't improve the situation.

Are you planning to fix the AI for summons?

With Temporis, we're testing certain things with summons in order to find solutions that will be applicable to the classic servers. So, we're working on it, but for the moment no specific fix is planned.

When will the multi-account launcher update be ready?

We haven't set a date for this feature yet, but we're working on the launcher, and for the next DOFUS Retro update we are preparing an option to connect only through the launcher without having to re-enter your credentials. This first step is a required part of being able to connect multiple accounts at the same time.

Will it be possible to migrate characters to Agride?
It will not be possible to migrate to Agride! Historically, Agride has been a protected server intended for beginning players, which is why we do not plan to allow migration to this server.


Are you going to change the required time restrictions before a house can be a guild house?

We don't have anything planned for now, but we've been listening to your questions on this subject.

Are there any ways to obtain Tempokens that haven't been unlocked yet?

We have unlocked the third wave of achievements, but more importantly, with 3500 Tempokens you can get a pass that allows you to do missions. With this pass, you will have dungeons to explore, where you can then earn Tempokens.

Are there any changes to the Temporis class passives?

Yes, changes were made to the Sadida, Osamodas and Pandawa classes as part of the April 21 maintenance. You can read about all these changes in the changelog.

How long after the Temporis servers close will we get our rewards?

The rewards will be available within a few weeks after Temporis ends. We try to deliver the rewards quickly, but given the number of people involved and the actions we have to take to get all the information needed to deliver rewards for each player, this process takes time.

When will the Temporis server merger take place?

We've done the calculations, and we're planning to do the merger in the near future. We have already done the calculations for population distributions. In contrast to earlier editions, we will be finishing this edition of Temporis with two large, heavily-populated servers. We'll give you a heads-up on the site and on social media a few days before the merger.

Why can we only use 10 spells on Temporis? Will this number be increased at some point?

In limiting you to 10 spells, we want you to have to make choices when building your pool of spells. Allowing for more spells would draw out combat and reduce the importance of the strategic choices you have to make, which we don't want.

Will it be possible to collect multiple forms of the griffin at the end of Temporis?

We understand that choosing a form was tough for many of you. The team has therefore decided that you'll be able to keep all of the griffin skins that you've unlocked at the end of Temporis.

Why are the Dofus dropped on Temporis not exchangeable?

The Dofus used on Temporis are the same ones as on normal servers. Since we didn't create any "new" Dofus, these ones will be linked just like on normal servers.

Has the bug with the Masqueraider's passive on Temporis been fixed?

The bug has been assigned and should normally be fixed by now.

Have all of the Temporis spells been found?

To the best of our knowledge, today (April 21) there is still one left to discover, but we won't say any more for the moment! Otherwise, we encourage you to connect with the community on Twitter and on the forum to find out more about this on your own!

Why is "Iop's Wrath" only available with 3,800 Tempokens and not in the chests any more?

The chest was made before the spell was added as a progression reward. This is why certain spells also appeared in the chest, but that was fixed in this morning's patch (April 21) and the spell should no longer be available in the chest.

Will the Temporis spells be available on the normal servers?

This is not currently planned, but Temporis allows us to test certain interesting mechanics that may potentially appear on normal servers in the future.

Why not shorten the time for wanted notices to respawn?

We are not currently planning to shorten these times. For a small amount of effort, wanted notices let players earn rewards that are quite attractive in terms of Tempokens. So we think the current respawn times are appropriate. If they cause a problem in the long term, we reserve the right to modify the respawn times.

Is it normal that the reward for 3,400 Tempokens is also a title from the alignment quest for Bonta?

We are aware of this and we will see what can be done.

Will the Chokao Shield be reassigned to the normal servers after Temporis?

Yes! People also asked if the Dungeon Rusher will be active on Temporis – and yes, it will be active too.

If I create two characters on Temporis, will I get two potions?

At the end of Temporis, there will only be a single potion based on all the experience gained by both characters. It can therefore only be used on a single character.



When will the Retro merger take place?

In these difficult times we're all going through, we don't have the same human resources as we normally would to manage this merger as smoothly as possible. We don't think it seems like a good idea to merge the Retro servers and run the risk of long wait queues or a large number of players who can't connect. If that happened, those players might miss out on the house sales planned for the merger. We prefer to schedule the merger under the best possible conditions, which is why we have not set any new date for the merger just yet.

Are you working on the problem with available spaces in Arenas?

We're working on improving the spaces available in arenas. This will be ready in the next version of DOFUS Retro.

Have a look at the most recent patch notes.

That's all for now! We'll see you again next week, with the first part that we'll be recording tomorrow (Wednesday, April 22).