Much more than a mere piggy bank, this Ecaflip Maneki-Neko will add a decorative touch to your home that'll make your guests yowl with envy. And it brings good luck as well! Just about all it can't do is make your coffee and iron your clothes… (Wait, can it…?  Right, right. Never mind.) But it does come with two items that can be used in DOFUS and WAKFU! Note: limited edition of 1000.

You've probably seen its cheerful face before, and you've certainly seen it waving its cute little paw while waiting for your number 26 with a side of salmon sushi. Now there's an all-new Ecaflip version of the ever-popular Maneki-Neko that you can bring home for your very own!*

This traditional Japanese cat is reimagined in our unmistakable Ankama style, with a design inspired by the fun-loving felines of the Krosmoz.

Available now in your online Ankama Shop.

And that's not all! With every purchase of an Ecaflip Maneki-Neko coin bank, get two free in-game items to use in DOFUS and WAKFU.**

Nekineko Bag
Ecaneko Haven Bag Kit

But hurry! You know how Ecaflips are… Quick as lightning, ready to run off on their soft little paws at the slightest opportunity. We're releasing this coin bank in a limited edition of just 1000 units, and it looks like Enutrof himself has already reserved a few!


*Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 9 cm (4.3 x 3.9 x 3.5 in). Actual product may differ from image.

**The code will be sent to you at the same time as the coin bank.