The World of Twelve is full of contradictions. They should be seen as challenges that you just have to meet. A bit like this double Profession XP day planned for Friday, May 1, which is precisely Fairy Lax Day, even if you were planning on spending all day going back and forth between the fridge and your bed…

Sluggish Sacriers, idle Iops, otiose Ouginaks, slothful Srams: It'll be their heyday with what's lined up for Maysial 1. Unless… What if you stopped watching time go by for once? (Especially you Xelors out there!)

For Fairy Lax Day, which takes place on the same date each year, players of DOFUS and DOFUS Retro will get double profession XP all day long.

To join in on the action, play DOFUS* and DOFUS Retro on Friday, May 1, from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. CEST. 

To work: This is no time to be Fairy Lax!

* The Double Profession XP bonus will not be available on Temporis IV servers.